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Supercharge your REC sales strategy with Cluster Software. Expand your reach, stay informed with real-time alerts, and close more deals. Maximize efficiency now!0
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What is Cluster?

Cluster Software empowers renewable energy companies to maximize sales efficiency. Its comprehensive REC sales solution encompasses an extensive lead database, real-time alerts for renewable energy commitments, and actionable insights to optimize sales strategies. With Cluster, REC sales teams can expand their reach, stay informed, and close more deals.

Key Features:

  1. 🌿 Lead Database:Discover companies with ESG commitments, expanding sales opportunities.

  2. 🔔 Real-Time Alerts:Stay ahead of the curve with instant notifications when companies announce renewable energy goals.

  3. 📈 Sales Insights:Gain valuable insights to tailor sales strategies and maximize conversion rates.

Use Cases:

  • A solar energy provider can leverage Cluster to identify potential clients, proactively reaching out to companies with sustainability goals.

  • A wind energy company can monitor renewable energy commitments, ensuring they are the first to respond to new opportunities.

  • A REC broker can use insights from Cluster to understand market trends and adjust their sales strategies accordingly.


Cluster Software provides REC sales teams with an unparalleled advantage. Its comprehensive lead database, timely alerts, and insightful analytics empower sales professionals to identify qualified prospects, engage with them at the right time, and convert more leads into closed deals. By harnessing the power of Cluster, REC sales teams can accelerate their growth, expand their market share, and drive positive change in the renewable energy industry.

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