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Summarize PDFs, convert files, and control your browser— all from a ChatGPT-like interface in your terminal. Open Interpreter is an open-source project that lets GPT-4 run code on your computer to complete tasks.0
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What is Open Interpreter?

Open Interpreter is an AI-powered software that allows users to run code locally using natural language commands. It provides a user-friendly interface for executing various tasks, such as creating and editing photos, videos, and PDFs, controlling a Chrome browser for research purposes, and analyzing large datasets. With Open Interpreter, users can harness the power of their computer's capabilities in a simple and intuitive way.

Key Features:

🚀 Natural Language Interface: Open Interpreter enables users to communicate with their computer using natural language commands, making it accessible to both technical experts and casual users.

🔌 Local Environment: Unlike other code interpreters, Open Interpreter runs directly on the user's local environment, providing full access to the internet, unlimited package usage, and freedom from time and file size restrictions.

💻 Versatile Capabilities: Open Interpreter supports multiple programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, and Shell, allowing users to perform a wide range of tasks, from data analysis to media editing.

📚 Interactive and Programmatic Chat: Users can engage in interactive chat sessions with Open Interpreter through the terminal, executing commands and receiving instant results. Additionally, Open Interpreter offers programmatic chat capabilities for more precise control over the conversation.

Use Cases:

1. Data Analysis: Users can leverage Open Interpreter to analyze large datasets, clean and process data, and generate insights for research or business purposes, streamlining the data analysis workflow.

2. Media Editing: Open Interpreter provides an intuitive interface for creating and editing photos, videos, and PDFs. Users can easily apply filters, crop images, add subtitles to videos, and perform various media-related tasks.

3. Research Automation: Open Interpreter allows users to control a Chrome browser, enabling automated web scraping, data collection, and research tasks. This feature is beneficial for researchers, data scientists, and professionals in various domains.


Open Interpreter revolutionizes the way users interact with their computers by providing a natural language interface for executing code locally. With its versatile capabilities and user-friendly design, Open Interpreter empowers users to perform complex tasks effortlessly. Whether you're a technical expert or a casual user, Open Interpreter can streamline your operations and enhance your productivity. Experience the efficiency of Open Interpreter firsthand and unlock the benefits of programming with ease. Try Open Interpreter now and discover a new level of productivity in your everyday tasks.

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