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Transform the way you listen to voicenotes! Experience the convenience of AI-generated summaries for your voice messages in seconds.0
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What is VN Split?

VNSplit is an AI-powered tool that provides summarized voice notes for iMessage and WhatsApp. It allows users to forward their voice notes, which are then quickly and accurately transcribed into concise summaries. With VNSplit, users can easily manage their voice messages without the need for downloading any additional apps.

Key Features:

1. 🎙️ Voice Note Summarization: VNSplit uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze and summarize voice notes sent through iMessage or WhatsApp, providing users with quick and accurate summaries of their conversations.

2. 💬 Seamless Integration: Users can simply forward their voice notes to a designated number provided by VNSplit, eliminating the need for downloading any extra applications or plugins.

3. 🌍 Multilingual Support: VNSplit supports over 10 languages, ensuring that users can benefit from its summarization capabilities regardless of the language spoken in their voice notes.

Use Cases:

1. A busy professional receives lengthy voicemails on iMessage from clients throughout the day but doesn't have time to listen to them all. By using VNSplit, they can quickly receive summarized versions of these voicemails, allowing them to stay informed without spending excessive time listening to each message.

2. A group chat on WhatsApp frequently includes long audio messages that make it difficult for participants to keep up with the conversation's content. With VNSplit's summarization feature, participants can receive brief summaries of these audio messages, enabling them to stay engaged in the discussion more effectively.

3. Language learners who communicate via iMessage or WhatsApp often encounter language barriers when receiving lengthy audio messages in a foreign language. By utilizing VNSplit's multilingual support feature, they can obtain concise summaries of these messages in their native language, facilitating comprehension and learning.


VNSplit offers a convenient solution for managing and understanding voice notes received through iMessage and WhatsApp by providing accurate and concise summaries. With its AI-powered voice note summarization, seamless integration, and multilingual support, VNSplit enhances communication efficiency and accessibility for users across various scenarios.

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