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  1. ChatGPT for every website

  2. Make original music and sound effects using artificial intelligence, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

  3. Summarize PDFs, visualize datasets, and control your browser— all from a ChatGPT-like interface in y

  4. Your own Google. Connect apps like Slack, Notion, and Google Drive. Find files or chat with your data instantly. Need updates or answers? Just ask Klu and work like Flash!

  5. is a movie guessing game inspired by Wordle. You have 8 guesses to find the movie of the day based on its actors, director, genres, and release date.

  6. AI Anywhere is your ultimate AI Copilot for all apps, not just Websites. It enables you to use ChatGPT anywhere without copy-pasting. Effortlessly read, write and code.

  7. Get stable diffusion prompts for any image, subject or style

  8. Never read a book again, let AI do it for you

  9. Leap AI Cover Images is a web app that uses the Leap AI API to generate AI Cover Images. It's built

  10. Create Eye Catching Youtube Video Thumbnails With Ease

  11. easy-to-use Swapface AI tools in the world!

  12. Write documents in seconds, generate concise summaries, and get instant insights sourced from your company’s knowledge. Save hours in manual work, so you can get back to the parts of your job you love.

  13. Premiere Pro plugin. Boost your productivity and focus on the creative stuff.

  14. Automate customer support with power of AI & automations

  15. From AI video script writing to teleprompter software, easily create and edit videos in minutes. Recording videos is a breeze with Vimeo's AI-powered features.

  16. Your database should be easy to use, not a source of frustration. Xata easily integrates into your developer workflow, providing the best data experience for GitHub, Vercel and Netlify based deployments.

  17. Your ultimate go-to AI workspace tool

  18. Paraphrasing is a natural part of the writing process as it helps you clarify your thinking and suit

  19. Xpression Camera is an award-winning virtual camera app that allows users to instantly transform int

  20. Run open-source LLMs on your computer.Works offline. Zero configuration.

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Make a list of most common things that customers like or don't like about the product from the revie

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You are a seasoned email marketing specialist, and your task is to design an email marketing campaig

AIDA Framework for Email

Act as a marketing expert. I will provide you Company/Product name and Product description. You wil
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