Create Captivating AI-Enhanced Videos with ChatGPT VideoGPT: A Tutorial by VEED

Written by Corbin ai - February 02, 2024

Today, we're going to check out one of the top picks from Chad gbt, called VideoGPT by VEED. Through conversations, we can create and get full-blown videos created with artificial intelligence. Once we've created the video in Chad gbt, we're able to play it straight on V. Our planet is a precious gift, and it's up to us to protect it. Environmental conservation, different B-roll, different voices, and so on. Welcome back, y'all. We're going to be checking out a pretty cool gbt that allows us to create artificial intelligence videos that we can start leveraging on social media. One thing I want to point out is that it also comes with music, but I went ahead and muted that just in case they were going to try to copyright me. So, we're going to go ahead and learn everything we can do with it and begin this tutorial. Make sure to follow me on Twitter, it's right in the description down below if you want to get insight and daily insight of my thoughts. Let's jump in!

Getting Started with VideoGPT

To start off, you're just going to need a Chad gbt Plus account. Once you do, go to the gbt store and find VideoGPT, which is currently ranked number six. If you can't see it there, just type in "VideoGPT". Let's go ahead and click that. I'm also going to put the link in the description below. Let's begin!

They prompt us by simply saying, "Let's create a video." Let's walk through it and see everything that's encompassed here. So, we're going to say, "Let's create a video."

Choosing the Theme, Tone, and Key Elements

It starts off by asking us what theme and topic we want to choose, as well as different variables like style, tone, and key elements. Let's go ahead and try to create a video that showcases the grizzly bear. We're going to say, "Let's do an informational style video on the California grizzly bear." The tone should be like National Geographic, so notice how we can reference other things outside of it. We don't have to be completely unique. We can reference things like the tone and style of National Geographic. The key elements will be facts about the grizzly bear. That being said, I'm not sure how specific I can get here, such as filming them while they're eating or catching fish in the river. I'm going to start with this and proceed.

Providing Specific Facts, Visual Elements, and Voice Over Style

So, we have three major things it's asking here: specific facts, visual elements, and voice-over style. Let's get very specific here. For specific facts, we'll just say, "The grizzly bear is the largest land-dwelling carnivore in North America." For visual elements, we'll say, "Real footage of a grizzly bear in a stream getting fish." And for voice-over style, we'll choose "Authoritative and informative, similar to a documentary narrator." Let's hit enter and see what happens next.

Reviewing the Generated Video

Once we've provided all that relevant information, we're going to get a brief summary of the title, theme, tone, and content. The opening shot will be a stunning visual of the California wilderness, with a narrative focus. Key scenes will include real footage of a California grizzly bear in a stream, accompanied by an authoritative and informative voice-over. Let's continue and see what the generated video looks like.

I'm going to go ahead and mute the music to avoid copyright issues, and lower the voice volume a little bit. Let's watch the generated video and see if it meets our expectations.

Generated Video: The California Grizzly Bear

[Embed the generated video here]

Did you know that the California grizzly bear once roamed these very lands? Majestic and powerful, this magnificent creature was a symbol of the wild. With its thick fur and sharp claws, it ruled the California wilderness. But sadly, due to human activity, it is now extinct. We must remember and appreciate the beauty of this incredible species. Let's protect and preserve our natural world so that future generations can witness the majesty of the California grizzly bear.

Editing the Generated Video

Here's what I'm thinking: the footage of the bear in the stream seems to be missing, as it was supposed to be the main clip of the grizzly bear. However, you can add footage using their UI, so that's something to keep in mind. Overall, the generated video gets you about 75% of the way there in terms of an end product, which isn't bad considering it was done in just a few seconds. Let's see if we can edit the underlying video and improve it further.

Generated Video: The American Buffalo

[Embed the generated video here]

Moving on, let's see if we can create a similar video, but this time about the American buffalo or bison. We'll choose the same style and tone as before. It looks like it's taking the style and context from the previous video, which is a good sign. Let's enter the specific facts, visual elements, and voice-over style for the American buffalo.

Again, I'll mute the music and adjust the volume. Let's watch the generated video and see how it turned out.


That wasn't amazing, but keep in mind that this technology is still in its early stages. Two years from now, it could be even better, allowing us to create a wide range of high-quality content. With some editing and fine-tuning, the ChatGPT VideoGPT has the potential to be a powerful tool for content creators. It gets you most of the way there in terms of structure and content, but there is still room for improvement. Overall, it's an exciting development in the field of AI-enhanced video creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use my own footage in the generated videos?

    Yes, you can add your own footage using the user interface provided by ChatGPT VideoGPT. This allows you to customize the visuals and tailor the video to your specific needs.

  • Is there a limit to the length of the generated videos?

    There doesn't seem to be a limit to the length of the generated videos. You can create videos as long as you need them to be, depending on your requirements and the available resources.

  • Can I change the orientation of the video?

    Yes, you have the option to change the orientation of the video. This allows you to create videos in landscape, portrait, or square format, depending on your preferences and the platform you intend to use the videos on.

  • Is the generated video always a perfect match to the provided information?

    No, the generated video may not always be a perfect match to the provided information. However, it gives you a solid foundation that you can further edit and customize to meet your specific needs and expectations. It provides a starting point that saves you time and effort in the video creation process.

  • Does ChatGPT VideoGPT require a subscription or account?

    You will need a Chad gbt Plus account to access ChatGPT VideoGPT. However, it doesn't seem to require a subscription or additional payment. You can use it for creating videos without any added cost, making it a cost-effective solution for content creators.

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