Master Microsoft PowerPoint with AI Copilot Pro - A Beginner's Guide to Microsoft 365 Office Apps

Written by Corbin ai - February 02, 2024

Welcome to this beginner's guide to Microsoft PowerPoint! In this video, we will explore how to leverage co-pilot in our PowerPoint presentations. With co-pilot, we can create new presentations, summarize existing ones, organize our content, and even structure an entire presentation. So let's dive in and learn how to use and leverage PowerPoint effectively!

Searching Through PowerPoint

One of the fundamental features of co-pilot is its ability to search through PowerPoint presentations. You might be wondering if this works in both the web version and the desktop version, and the answer is yes. Once you have co-pilot enabled, simply go to the co-pilot menu and start searching. You can easily summarize presentations by using the "summarize this presentation" command. Co-pilot will provide you with the main points of the presentation, and even reference the slides it gathered the information from. This is especially useful when dealing with large presentations.

Asking Questions and Getting Answers

Co-pilot also allows us to ask questions about the content of a presentation. For example, you can ask about the key features of a product being pitched, and co-pilot will analyze the presentation and provide you with a quick answer. This saves you from manually searching through the data. Additionally, co-pilot can provide suggested questions based on the content of the presentation.

Editing and Adding to Slides

Another great feature of co-pilot is its ability to help you edit and add information to slides. You can simply ask co-pilot to add another key feature or any other information to a specific slide, and it will do so. This is particularly useful when you want to quickly make changes or additions to your presentation without the need for manual editing. Just remember that co-pilot is still in its early days, so formatting may not be perfect.

Creating Entire Presentations

Co-pilot's most powerful feature is its ability to create entire presentations based on the information you provide. You can combine co-pilot with prompts to generate presentations tailored to your specific needs. Simply give co-pilot the necessary context and information, and it will generate a presentation for you. While the output may need some fine-tuning, it provides you with a skeleton that you can easily fill with your data. This feature is a game-changer, making PowerPoint creation faster and more efficient.


Co-pilot is an incredible tool that enhances your experience with Microsoft PowerPoint. From searching and summarizing presentations to editing and adding content, co-pilot streamlines the PowerPoint workflow. Its ability to create entire presentations based on your input is truly impressive. While there may be some early limitations, co-pilot is constantly improving and will only get better over time. So start leveraging co-pilot and take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does co-pilot work in both the web version and the desktop version of PowerPoint?

    Yes, co-pilot works in both versions of PowerPoint.

  • Can co-pilot summarize large presentations?

    Absolutely! Co-pilot can summarize presentations of any size, making it a valuable tool for managing and understanding complex content.

  • Can co-pilot help with editing and adding content to slides?

    Yes, co-pilot can assist you with editing and adding content to slides, allowing for quick and efficient updates to your presentations.

  • Is co-pilot capable of creating entire presentations?

    Yes, co-pilot can generate entire presentations based on the information you provide, saving you time and effort in creating PowerPoint slides from scratch.

  • Will co-pilot continue to improve and offer more features?

    Yes, co-pilot is constantly evolving and will receive updates and enhancements to deliver an even better experience in Microsoft PowerPoint.

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