Create Stunning Images with Night Cafe AI’s High-Quality Text-to-Image Technology

Written by HAMY LABS - January 31, 2024

Hey everyone, welcome back to the lab! In this video, I'm going to be sharing how to create HD images with AI using NightCafe's text-to-image AI service. I'll be discussing how this technology works, the challenges we often face when trying to create high-quality outputs, and a two-phase approach to achieve useful and art-worthy results.

Description and Analysis

First, let's go over how this text-to-image AI works. It has been trained on millions of images from the internet, along with metadata such as styles, colors, and content. When we input text into the AI, it tries to produce an image that matches the text based on its training. However, one common problem is that the output may not always align with our expectations. This can occur due to misunderstandings in the text prompts and a lack of clarity in our instructions.

The goal of this video is to solve this problem and guide you in using the NightCafe AI effectively to create art-worthy and publishable images. If you're new to text-to-image AI, I recommend watching a beginner's guide first, which I'll link below, before diving into these advanced tips.

Exploring the AI

The first step in creating useful outputs is to explore the AI's capabilities. By experimenting with different prompts and analyzing the output, we can gain a better understanding of what the AI has learned and how it interprets different words and phrases. Let's say we're interested in vending machines. We can start by giving the prompt "vending machine" and see what images the AI generates. This helps us determine if it understands the concept of vending machines and aligns with our expectations.

Next, we can further refine our prompts to explore specific aspects. For example, we can try "vending machine on Mars" to see if the AI understands the context of different planets. We can even experiment with modifiers, such as "banana vending machine on Mars," to test if the AI can change what the vending machine sells. Through this exploration, we can mold our prompts to get the desired output.

However, exploring the AI can be expensive, as it usually runs on GPUs and requires credits. To make exploration more cost-effective, we can use batch jobs, which provide more data points for less money and time. NightCafe offers deals where you can get two images per credit by running four or nine images simultaneously. This allows us to gather more data and better understand the AI's average understanding of a specific prompt.

Techniques and Inspiration

In addition to our own exploration, we can learn from others' prompts and techniques. Most AI services have pages showcasing the top prompts and image outputs that people have used successfully. These pages can provide inspiration and insights into how to achieve specific looks. While these modifiers might not have the exact same effect on different subjects, they serve as a starting point for experimentation and creativity.

Enhancing the Output

Once we have explored the AI and found the right prompts, it's time to enhance the output. NightCafe provides style modifiers that allow us to tweak the prompts and apply different artistic styles. By using these modifiers, we can transform the images we like into various looks. For instance, we can use the oil painting preset or the 3D model modifier to add a specific visual style to the images.

If we're still not satisfied with the results, we can re-roll the prompts by duplicating them and changing the seed. This allows us to explore billions of variations of the same prompt and fine-tune it to get the perfect image. It's a trial and error process, but it helps us achieve the desired output.

High-Quality Output

When we have found the perfect image, we might notice that its quality is not up to par. This is because we have been working with the thumbnail resolution for faster experimentation. To share the image on websites or in high-quality formats, we can use NightCafe's built-in enhanced feature. This feature applies an upscaling AI to improve the image's sharpness and quality, even with the same number of pixels. It's a helpful tool for turning a great image into something shareable and visually appealing.

Keep an Open Mind

Throughout this creative process, it's important to keep an open mind. Conversing with AI is similar to conversing with humans – misunderstandings can occur, and we need to provide clear instructions and ask questions to clarify our intentions. While it may be difficult to get exactly what we want, the AI can surprise us with unique and innovative ideas. It might even produce results that surpass our initial expectations. So, be open to the possibilities and let the AI's creativity shine.


Creating stunning images with NightCafe AI's high-quality text-to-image technology requires a comprehensive approach. By exploring the AI, analyzing its output, and using techniques and inspirations from others, we can enhance the quality and artistic style of the images. The journey to finding the perfect output may take time and experimentation, but the end result can be truly remarkable. So, embrace the conversation with AI, keep an open mind, and let your creativity soar.


  • 1. Can NightCafe AI create images with any text prompt?

    No, NightCafe AI relies on training data and may not be able to generate images for every possible text prompt. However, it can generate a wide range of images based on its training.

  • 2. How can I ensure the AI understands my intended meaning?

    To ensure the AI understands your intended meaning, it is important to experiment with prompts, explore modifiers, and iterate on the input. Be clear and specific in your text prompt to get the desired output.

  • 3. Can NightCafe AI produce high-resolution images?

    Yes, NightCafe AI can produce high-resolution images. By using the built-in enhanced feature, you can upscale the output image to a higher resolution for a more visually appealing result.

  • 4. How can I save costs while exploring the AI?

    Using batch jobs and running multiple images simultaneously can help save costs while exploring the AI. NightCafe offers deals where you can get more images per credit, making exploration more affordable.

  • 5. Where can I find inspiration for text prompts and modifiers?

    NightCafe AI's explore page and the top prompts section can provide inspiration for text prompts and modifiers. Explore the outputs created by others and learn from their techniques to achieve specific looks and styles.

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