Unleashing the Power of Hyperwrite: Your Personal AI Agent for a Self-Operating and Cost-Free Computer

Written by WorldofAI - February 02, 2024

Comprehensive Description and Analysis

Hyperwrite is a revolutionary AI tool that enables a self-operating computer, providing autonomous fulfillment of tasks for users. This framework utilizes multimodal models, allowing it to operate a computer using the same inputs and outputs as a human operator. Hyperwrite's default model, GBT4 Vision, views the screen and decides on a series of mouse and keyboard actions to accomplish objectives. The framework is completely open-source, making it easily accessible and extendable.

Expertise Display

The creators of Hyperwrite have demonstrated their expertise and authority in the field of AI by integrating it with GBT4 Vision, one of the leading multimodal models. They have also extended support for Gemini Pro Vision, showcasing their ability to adapt and incorporate new models. The future plans to develop their own Agent One Vision model further solidify their expertise and commitment to innovation in this domain.

Analysis of the Demo

In the demo video, Hyperwrite's self-operating computer proves its capabilities by fulfilling a prompt to open Microsoft Word and write a poem for the Legal Week Conference. In just a matter of seconds, the computer creates the document and writes the poem, highlighting the efficiency and effectiveness of the autonomous AI agent. With Hyperwrite, users can easily create various content and effortlessly complete tasks with the assistance of this self-operating computer.

The Hyperwrite Product Line

Hyperwrite offers a range of products that leverage the power of AI. The flagship product is the self-operating computer, which utilizes multimodal models to seamlessly navigate and control a computer. Additionally, Hyperwrite provides a framework for deploying AI assistants, allowing users to gain insights and deploy their own personal AI assistants for different tasks. These AI tools and assistants are designed to streamline workflows and contribute to various fields.

How to Get Started with Hyperwrite

To get started with Hyperwrite, you need to install the project by copying the provided command and running it in your command prompt. This will install the necessary requirements for the application to run. Once installed, you can input your OpenAI API key to give the self-operating computer access to your terminal. With the compatibility of various multimodal models, such as GBT4 Vision and Gemini Pro Vision, you can start using the self-operating computer immediately.


Hyperwrite's self-operating computer and AI assistants represent a significant advancement in AI technology. The framework's ability to autonomously operate a computer using multimodal models opens up new possibilities for users. With Hyperwrite, users can effortlessly complete tasks, streamline workflows, and enhance their productivity. The open-source nature of Hyperwrite allows for easy accessibility, extension, and collaboration. By leveraging Hyperwrite, users can unlock the power of AI and revolutionize their computer experience.


  • What models does Hyperwrite support?

    Hyperwrite currently supports GBT4 Vision as its default model and extends support for Gemini Pro Vision. The creators plan to develop their own Agent One Vision model in the future.

  • Can I extend and customize Hyperwrite?

    Yes, since Hyperwrite is open source, you can easily extend and customize it according to your needs.

  • How can I get started with Hyperwrite?

    To get started with Hyperwrite, you need to install the project by running the provided command in your command prompt. Then, you can input your OpenAI API key to give the self-operating computer access to your terminal.

  • What is the advantage of using Hyperwrite?

    Hyperwrite enables users to have a self-operating computer that autonomously fulfills tasks. This streamlines workflows, enhances productivity, and demonstrates the power of AI technology.

  • Can I deploy my own personal AI assistant with Hyperwrite?

    Yes, with Hyperwrite, you can deploy your own personal AI assistant for various tasks, gaining insights and assistance in different fields.

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