DatakuAI: Unleash the Power of AI to Extract Structured Data from Documents and Images, Effortlessly and for Free!

Written by WorldofAI - February 02, 2024

Are you looking for a tool that can extract structured data from documents and texts with ease? Look no further! Introducing DatakuAI, a powerful tool that provides advanced data extraction and transformation services powered by large language models. With DatakuAI, you can effortlessly convert unstructured texts or documents into structured data at scale. Let's dive into the comprehensive features offered by DatakuAI and how it can benefit various industries and users.

Comprehensive Description and Analysis

DatakuAI offers a range of customizable data extraction features. One of the key features is the Text Custom Extraction, which focuses on extracting structured data from text. Whether you have data from multiple files or want to use a user-provided schema, DatakuAI can handle it all. It also provides Bulk Text Custom Extraction, which focuses on structured data from multiple texts in CSV files. Furthermore, DatakuAI enables table extraction from text, images, and distinct tables, making it a comprehensive solution for diverse industries and users.

An example of DatakuAI's capabilities is invoice processing. By using the text custom extraction feature, you can easily process and extract data from various types of invoices. The demo video showcases the simplicity of the process, from selecting the template to defining the extraction criteria. You can extract valuable information such as the invoice number, billing period, due date, total amount, tax amounts, and the recipient. DatakuAI provides accurate and reliable results, which can be downloaded or copied for further use in your workflow or table.

Expertise Display

As an expert in the field, DatakuAI employs state-of-the-art models to ensure high accuracy in data extraction. The tool is optimized for cost efficiency, making it a cost-effective solution for processing large-scale data. Whether you need to extract data from resumes, financial statements, or any other unstructured documents, DatakuAI can provide precise results. It offers scalability through batch jobs, supporting efficient data processing for organizations of all sizes.

When it comes to usability, DatakuAI caters to diverse needs. It can simplify resume extraction for HR teams, enabling efficient recruitment processes. Financial analysis becomes easier with DatakuAI's ability to extract structured data from unstructured financial statements. These features highlight the flexibility and versatility of DatakuAI in various industries.

Linguistic Diversity and Creativity

DatakuAI offers a user-friendly interface, streamlining the extraction process. Once registered, you can access the dashboard where you can start working on extractions. The tool accepts various types of content, including texts, documents, images, and tables. With the ability to define extraction criteria, you have full control over the specific information you want to extract. DatakuAI allows you to specify field names, add descriptions, and even utilize AI for better data organization. Templates for common extraction needs, such as product reviews, resumes, and invoices, are readily available, providing a seamless experience.


DatakuAI is revolutionizing the data extraction process with its advanced AI-powered features. With its high accuracy, cost efficiency, and scalability, it is a valuable tool for various industries and users. The range of extraction options, including text custom extraction, bulk text custom extraction, and table extraction, makes DatakuAI a comprehensive solution. Whether you need to extract data from documents, texts, or tables, DatakuAI can handle it effortlessly.


  • Is DatakuAI free to use?

    Yes, DatakuAI is completely free to use. You get access to all extraction features, schema history management, 1000 free processing quotas, and community support.

  • Can DatakuAI extract data from invoices?

    Yes, DatakuAI can extract data from invoices. It offers text custom extraction for processing and extracting valuable information such as invoice numbers, billing periods, due dates, total amounts, tax amounts, and recipients.

  • Are there predefined templates available in DatakuAI?

    Yes, DatakuAI provides predefined templates for various extraction needs, including product reviews, resumes, and invoices. These templates simplify the process by offering predefined extraction criteria.

  • Can DatakuAI extract data from financial statements?

    Yes, DatakuAI can extract structured data from unstructured financial statements. This feature enables better financial analysis by providing filtered and organized data.

  • Does DatakuAI support batch processing?

    Yes, DatakuAI supports batch jobs for large-scale data processing. This ensures efficient processing and scalability for organizations with extensive data extraction needs.

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