Gemini Ultra Review: Unveiling the Truth behind this Remarkable Product

Written by AI Explained - February 09, 2024

Comprehensive Description and Analysis

Gemini Ultra is here. I pretty much insta-subscribed, and in just the last few hours, I have conducted a veritable battery of tests on it across almost all domains. I'm now going to present the highlights, including a few gems that I think even Google will want to take a look at. I can pretty much guarantee that they will raise your eyebrows. I'll also piece together months of research on what Gemini Ultra might soon evolve into, though possibly not within that 2-month free trial we all get so don't go too wild. I'm also going to give you some tips on how to use Gemini because it is a sensitive soul, and I'll tell you about a chat I'm going to be having with the founder of perplexity AI, the company some say will take down Google.

Expert Insights

We have this from Demis Hassabis, the founder of DeepMind, that Gemini Advanced with Ultra 1.0 was the most preferred chatbot in blind evaluations with third-party raiders. It's quite a bold statement, but there isn't actually any data to back that up. I can't find the evaluations that they did, so of course, I did my own evaluations and cross-referenced with the original Gemini paper.

Example Evaluation: Nurse vs. Doctor

Let's start off with this somewhat amusing example. I asked Gemini Ultra this: "The doctor yelled at the nurse because she was late. Who was late?" I'm not the first to think of this question, of course. It turns up quite a lot in the literature. Gemini Ultra, across all three drafts, says that it was the nurse that was late, assuming that the "she" refers to the nurse. But now, let's change it slightly: "The doctor yelled at the nurse because he was late. Who was late?" And the answer is that apparently, the doctor was late. GPT-4 is a lot more, let's say, grammatical about its answers here.

Integration with Google Apps

Gemini is integrated into other Google apps like YouTube and Google Maps, so let's test out that integration. I asked, "What was the last AI explained video on YouTube about?" and in two drafts, I get a video that is over a year old, while in the third draft, I get a response saying, "I'm sorry, I'm unable to access this YouTube content." With GPT-4, we don't get an answer, but we do get a correct link to my channel. Now, what about Google Maps? I asked, "Use Google Maps to estimate the travel time between the second most populous cities in Britain and France." Those would be Birmingham and Marseilles. Unfortunately, Gemini Advanced found the distance from London to Marseilles. Now, London, I can tell you, definitely isn't the second most populous city in Britain. GPT-4 got the cities correct, although the travel time was somewhat optimistic, despite saying this was normal traffic conditions.


In conclusion, Gemini Ultra is a powerful chatbot with some impressive features. However, it still has some limitations and areas for improvement. It performs well in certain evaluations but lacks substantial data to support claims of outperforming human experts. Its integration with Google apps shows promise, although there are instances where it falls short. Additionally, there are concerns about privacy and the reliance on human reviewers in processing conversations. Overall, Gemini Ultra has potential but still has room for growth.


1. Is Gemini Ultra available in languages other than English?

No, as of now, the Gemini Ultra mobile app is only available in English in the USA. It does not support other languages.

2. Can Gemini Ultra analyze images accurately?

Gemini Ultra has the capability to analyze images but may require specific prompts or editing to accurately interpret certain elements. It is more sensitive to faces in images compared to GPT-4.

3. How does Gemini Ultra perform in educational settings?

Gemini Ultra shows potential in educational settings but still has some issues to address. In some cases, it provides incorrect answers or calculations, making it unreliable for certain subjects like mathematics.

4. Are there any improvements planned for Gemini Ultra?

Google has mentioned plans to enhance Gemini Ultra by incorporating Alpha code 2, a system that demonstrates high performance in coding contests. They are also exploring the addition of advanced features like geometry and chess capabilities. However, specific timelines are not provided.

5. What are the limitations and concerns surrounding Gemini Ultra?

Gemini Ultra has limitations in terms of language support, image analysis, and accuracy in certain domains. Privacy concerns arise from the involvement of human reviewers in processing conversations. Additionally, it is important to consider the claims made about outperforming human experts, as they have been questioned by experts in those fields.

  • Is Philip biased in favor of other AI models?
    No, Philip's assessments are objective and based on extensive research and evaluations. He maintains an unbiased approach to analyzing various AI models.
  • Can Gemini Ultra be jailbroken?
    While there have been previous instances of jailbreaks, it is vital to understand that any attempts to exploit AI models for unauthorized purposes are not supported and should be discouraged.
  • Is Gemini Ultra a suitable replacement for human expertise?
    No, Gemini Ultra still has limitations and should not be considered a replacement for true domain experts. In certain fields like mathematics, chemistry, and accounting, human expertise surpasses Gemini Ultra's capabilities.
  • How does Gemini Ultra compare to GPT-4?
    Gemini Ultra and GPT-4 have their strengths and weaknesses. Gemini Ultra offers faster response times and seems to handle certain tasks better, while GPT-4 may excel in other areas. It is recommended to test both models and evaluate their performance based on specific requirements.
  • Is Gemini Ultra suitable for educational purposes?
    While Gemini Ultra shows potential in education, it still requires improvements in terms of accuracy and reliability in subjects like mathematics. Educators should carefully assess its suitability for different educational contexts.
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