Creating an AI News Channel: Revolutionizing with ChatGPT and VEED AI Avatars

Written by Dr Alex Young - February 15, 2024

Take a look at this AI news channel. In the last 30 days, it got over half a million views and made somewhere between $500 to $6,000 per month. Everyone likes to stay updated, and news used to be really hard to make. You needed a presenter, a studio, and an audience. Well, with AI, creating your own News Channel just became much easier. In today's video, I'm going to show you how to use some of the latest AI tools to create a realistic news channel for any niche like gaming, fashion, or technology. You can publish bite-size news stories on social media to engage your audience. Today's video has kindly been sponsored by the team at VEED, which is a video editing platform that my team uses all the time. VEED has recently added a whole host of AI tools, from voice cloning to AI avatars, to their already stacked platform. They even have a GPT launched on the GPT store.

Comprehensive Description and Analysis

The transcript provided describes the process of creating an AI news channel using ChatGPT and VEED AI avatars. The speaker starts by explaining the popularity and profitability of creating a news channel using AI technologies. They then introduce the tools they will be using, highlighting the sponsorship by VEED, a video editing platform. The speaker proceeds to demonstrate the process step by step, starting with finding a relevant article on Google News. They choose a technology-related article about the R1 device and copy it into ChatGPT to rewrite it as a news story script.

Expertise Display

Based on their first-hand knowledge and experience, the speaker guides the viewers through the process of creating an AI news channel. They showcase their expertise in using ChatGPT and VEED AI avatars, providing valuable tips and insights. The speaker also mentions the availability of VEED's GPT in the GPT store, demonstrating their familiarity with the platform's features. They encourage viewers to try out the strategy and share their results, reinforcing their authority and expertise in the field of AI-assisted video production.

Body Content

Step 1: Finding Relevant Articles

The first step in creating an AI news channel is to find relevant articles to use as the basis for news stories. The speaker suggests searching Google News and focusing on a particular niche, such as technology. They provide an example of finding an article about the R1 device.

Step 2: Using ChatGPT and VEED AI Avatars

After finding a suitable article, the speaker explains how to use ChatGPT to rewrite the article as a news story script. They copy the rewritten script and move on to the next step, which involves using VEED's AI avatars in the VEED video editing platform. The speaker demonstrates how to select an avatar and paste the script into the text-to-speech tool to generate realistic voiceover for the news story.

Enhancing the Video

Once the voiceover is generated, the speaker shows how to enhance the video by adding a suitable background from the stock footage available in VEED. They position the background behind the AI avatar and also incorporate relevant video clips related to the news story, such as footage of the R1 device. The speaker emphasizes the importance of making the video engaging by adjusting the speech rate, removing silences, and editing out unnecessary content. They suggest using sound effects and background music to further enhance the video.

Exporting the Video

After finalizing the video editing process, the speaker explains how to export the video in the desired format. They mention the option to change the language, add captions, or play with other export settings. They also highlight additional features for social media platforms, such as adding chapters or suggesting a title for YouTube videos. The speaker concludes the tutorial by showcasing the final result and encouraging viewers to share their own creations.


Creating an AI news channel has never been easier, thanks to the advancements in AI technologies. With tools like ChatGPT and VEED AI avatars, anyone can produce engaging and realistic news stories on any topic. By following the demonstrated process, users can bring their news channel ideas to life and captivate their audience on social media. The combination of AI-generated scripts, AI avatars, and advanced video editing features allows for the effortless creation of professional-looking news content. Start revolutionizing your news channel today!


  • Q: Can I use ChatGPT and VEED AI avatars for other types of videos?

    A: Absolutely! While this tutorial focuses on creating an AI news channel, ChatGPT and VEED AI avatars can be used for various video projects. Whether it's tutorials, entertainment videos, or promotional content, these tools provide endless possibilities for enhancing video production.

  • Q: Are the AI avatars customizable?

    A: Yes, VEED allows users to select from a range of AI avatars and customize them according to their preferences. Users can adjust the avatar's appearance, size, and even change the background to suit their branding or video style.

  • Q: Can I use my own scripts instead of rewriting articles?

    A: Absolutely! While using rewritten articles from ChatGPT can save time and provide relevant news content, you can also write your own scripts and use VEED AI avatars to bring them to life. The flexibility of the tools allows for complete creative control.

  • Q: Can I monetize my AI news channel?

    A: Yes, just like any other news channel, an AI news channel can be monetized through various methods, such as advertisements, sponsorships, or subscriptions. By consistently creating high-quality and engaging content, you can attract an audience and generate revenue.

  • Q: Are there any limitations to using AI avatars?

    A: While AI avatars can produce realistic and lifelike videos, it's important to note that they are still generated by AI algorithms. The avatars may not perfectly replicate human expressions or emotions, but they have come a long way in delivering convincing performances.

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