A Complete Guide to Professional Voice Cloning by ElevenLabs

Written by PromoAmbitions - January 30, 2024

[Music] it took 11 Labs 40 days to hand me my professionally cloned voice. This is going to be a mind-blowing video, and it came at the perfect time because I've been savagely sick these past two weeks. My voice is still not recovered, I'm coughing a lot. But we're going to explore a lot in this video, and if my voice is still destroying me, I might use this AI clone voice to create some tutorials. So, with that being said, let's dive in. I'm going to show you how this voice clone is going to speak in different languages. I'm going to show you how it sounds identical to my voice, and we're also going to discuss the implications, the advantages, the disadvantages, the fun ways you could use it, the educational ways you could use it, but also the harmful and dangerous ramifications of voice cloning. So, without further Ado, the 11 Labs affiliate link is in the description. Let's Dive Right In.

Comprehensive Description and Analysis

On December 9th, exactly 40 days ago, I went ahead and made this 11 Labs full tutorial on AI voice cloning, dubbing, speech to text, and more. In that tutorial, I ordered a professional voice and mentioned that it would take approximately a month to process and replicate my voice perfectly. Just today, I received an email saying that my professional voice is ready. I followed the instructions provided to access it.

First, I visited the 11 Labs website and clicked on speech synthesis. I selected my voice and adjusted the voice settings. I increased the clarity and similarity enhancement to around 79% and slightly decreased the stability to around 43%. In a previous tutorial, I covered the effects of adjusting these settings in more detail. Now, let's generate some speech and see if it sounds like me.

I clicked the generate button and played the generated audio. The text I used as a prompt was, "Subscribing to my channel means that when artificial superintelligence takes over and all of the fears of Singularity prove to be warranted, the AI robots will not harm you because you have subscribed to Promo Ambitions Channel, and Promo Ambitions is seen as an ally by the AI superbots." I was amazed to find that the AI clone voice sounded exactly like me. I played it for my family members and girlfriend, and they all had the same reaction. It was truly impressive.

Features and Advantages of Voice Cloning

Now, let's explore some of the features and advantages of this AI voice cloning technology. I copied the text prompt and used Chad PT to translate it into Russian. As a fluent Russian speaker, I read the translated text to demonstrate how it would sound. Then, I input the Russian text into 11 Labs and adjusted the voice settings accordingly. When I generated the speech, I was stunned. The AI clone voice spoke Russian fluently and without an American accent. It sounded completely natural, unlike my own accent when speaking Russian. This showcases the accessibility and potential for language translation that voice cloning offers.

Voice cloning can also be used for entertainment and media, making AI assistants sound more natural and less robotic. It has the potential for historical preservation, allowing future generations to experience the voices of historical figures or remember loved ones who have passed away. However, there are also ethical concerns associated with voice cloning. It can be used without an individual's consent for blackmail, scams, misinformation, and fraud. It may also have negative implications for voice actors, reducing job opportunities and impacting the arts.


Voice cloning technology, such as the one offered by ElevenLabs, is truly impressive and has a wide range of applications. From entertainment to language translation and historical preservation, voice cloning offers many advantages. However, it also raises significant ethical concerns and potential negative consequences. It is important to consider the implications and use this technology responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can voice cloning be used for malicious purposes?

    Yes, voice cloning can be used for malicious purposes such as blackmail, scams, misinformation, and fraud. It is important to be aware of the ethical implications and use this technology responsibly.

  • Is voice cloning a threat to voice actors?

    Voice cloning technology has the potential to reduce job opportunities for voice actors. It is important to consider the impact on the arts and support artists in their respective fields.

  • What are the advantages of voice cloning for language translation?

    Voice cloning can make AI assistants sound more natural and less robotic in different languages, improving the user experience and accessibility. It allows for personalized and accurate language translation.

  • Can voice cloning recreate the voices of deceased individuals?

    Yes, voice cloning can replicate the voices of deceased individuals, allowing future generations to hear their voices and preserve their legacy. However, this may have emotional implications and may be unsettling for some individuals.

  • Is 11 Labs a trustworthy voice cloning platform?

    11 Labs is a reputable and reliable voice cloning platform. However, it is important to use the technology ethically and responsibly, considering the potential consequences and implications.

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