Introducing Gemini Ultra: Google's ChatGPT Rival

Written by Matt Wolfe - February 09, 2024

Google made a huge announcement today. Firstly, it is rebranding Bard to Gemini. And secondly, we now have access to Gemini Advanced, which uses Gemini Ultra. The previous model we were getting out of Bard used Gemini Pro. It's really confusing, but just keep in mind that if you're using Gemini Advanced, it's also Gemini Ultra - the model they claim is the most powerful model. This is also the same model that six months ago, Google's DeepMind CEO said will eclipse ChatGPT. In December of last year, he doubled down on that statement, saying that its new Gemini model is more powerful than OpenAI GPT-4.

If you head over to, you'll have access to Google AI. All the capabilities you know and love are still here and will keep getting better in the Gemini era. Let's go ahead and click "Done" on this.

Noticable Differences in Gemini

There are two main noticeable differences here inside Gemini. Firstly, up in the top left, you can see the "Gemini" link. If I press the arrow, you can see there's an option for Gemini Advanced. You do need to upgrade, and they are charging $20 a month to use Gemini Advanced. But Gemini Advanced is using the Gemini Ultra model that they teased a couple of months ago. You remember the whole thing where they made it look like they were talking to the AI on a video, and it turned out that they weren't actually doing that, and the whole thing was somewhat faked. Yeah, that is finally available for us to use inside of Gemini Advanced.

You'll also notice this blue band across the top that says "Gemini was just updated." If we check out the updates, Bard is now Gemini. We figured that out already. We have a note here about Gemini Advanced, telling us that we get to use the most capable AI model, Ultra 1.0. It claims to be far more capable at highly complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, following nuanced instructions, and creative collaboration. At the moment, it's only optimized for English, but it is available in 150 different countries. Looking through the list of countries, there's a pretty good chance that you have access to Gemini Advanced as well. There's also a new Gemini app available on both Android and iOS, although as of right now, it's only available in English in the US. But in the coming days, it will be available in Japanese, Korean, and English globally (except for the UK, switch, and European Economic Area). More countries and languages will be coming soon, and if you're in Canada, it's now available for you as well.

Personally, I find the timing of this to be very interesting because it comes in the same week that Microsoft has been completely overhauling its Co-Pilot product. Also, as of this recording, this Sunday is the Super Bowl here in the US, and Microsoft actually has an advertisement in the Super Bowl for Co-Pilot. So, of course, Google's going to roll out something fairly comparable the same week that Co-Pilot is getting its moment. But I'm not going to dive too deep into Co-Pilot in this video. I have a video coming next week that will dive into all of the cool stuff that Microsoft has been doing with Co-Pilot. If you're not subscribed, make sure you subscribe for that video.

Upgrading and Trying Gemini Advanced

I'm going to go ahead and click on this arrow up here, and I'm going to go ahead and do the upgrade. One of the nice things about doing the upgrade is you can play around with it for two months without actually paying. We can see here it's $0 for two months, and then it's $20 a month after that - the same price as ChatGPT Plus. Realistically, you're probably not going to need them both. If you really like Gemini, you can probably get rid of ChatGPT. If you really like ChatGPT but hate Gemini, you probably won't need Gemini. But heck, let's play around with it for two months, at least. I'm going to go ahead and start the trial.

Now, I have Google One AI Premium. It also comes with some other perks - two terabytes of storage. Soon, we'll have Gemini in Gmail, Docs, and more, and other Google One Premium benefits, whatever that means. Let's go ahead and go to Gemini Advanced. Now, if we click on the dropdown up at the top, we have the option to try both of them.

Insights from Other Content Creators

I'm pretty much the last one to be making a video about Gemini among all my other AI YouTuber friends. One of my favorite channels, FireShip, made a video about Gemini already. My buddy, Matt Vid Pro, put out a video about it. There's already a video from The AI Grid on Gemini. Another one of my buddies, Matthew Burman, put out a video on it. Chris from All About AI has put out a video about it. AI Explained has a video about it already. And this channel that I actually stumbled across just today by David Andre also put out a video about it.

I was going to do a deep dive, in-depth analysis, and test every possible thing I could think of in Gemini, but a bunch of other really smart content creators already did. So while I will be testing a few things myself in this video, I'm also going to be sharing what other people seem to have found because, well, they've already done a lot of the testing, and it's fun to show love to other YouTube channels that are talking about the stuff that I'm excited about. Hopefully, it helps you discover some new channels that you'll probably like if you like mine as well.

Speed and Creativity of Gemini

The first thing that everybody seems to talk about with Gemini Advanced is how dang fast it is at actually giving you the responses. This is so much faster than GPT-4, and it just cranks out responses really, really quickly. Gemini is way faster, like at least two or three times faster. The speed at which Gemini generates is absolutely blazing fast. Google's APIs are rocket ships. One thing that Gemini Ultra 1.0 does have is blazingly fast, like really, really, really fast. It is extremely fast, much faster than GPT-4. That's a good thing.

Gemini Ultra feels a lot faster than GPT-4. It's much faster than GPT-4. So yeah, every single video I've seen so far has commented on how dang fast Gemini actually gives its output. When it comes to creativity, Matt Vid Pro tested it with a poem and found it to be really creative. FireShip asked it to write a poem about JavaScript, and Gemini was actually by far the best in his opinion.

In my own personal test, I also found it to be fairly creative. I thought it did a good job at creativity. Now, in my opinion, it's on par with ChatGPT and GPT-4. I wouldn't say one really holds an edge over the other in terms of creativity. They both do creativity pretty well.

Problem-Solving and Coding Abilities

Let's talk about problem-solving ability. Something else that a lot of people want to use these chatbots for. Matt Vid Pro did a test where he asked it if he were to fire a bullet horizontally out of a gun and at the exact same y, drop a bullet from his hand, which would reach the ground first. It actually found the solution pretty quickly and even shared a diagram to better explain it.

Matthew Burman gave it a test, asking if he lays five shirts out in the sun and it takes four hours to dry, how long would 20 shirts take to dry? Explain your reasoning step by step. It actually came to the right answer. So, the problem-solving abilities are pretty decent in this scenario. However, he then gave it another problem about three killers being in a room, another killer entering the room, killing one of the killers, and asked how many killers are left. It actually got that problem wrong.

Chris from All About AI gave it the same test that Matthew Burman did. He hung five shirts out to dry and asked how long it would take for the 10 shirts to dry. Gemini Advanced gave him the wrong response. Chris then asked it another logic problem and asked it to walk through it step by step. Once again, it got the problem wrong.

AI Explained tested a logic problem as well. He asked, "Today, I own three cars, but last year, I sold two cars. How many cars do I own today?" Gemini Advanced responded with "You own one car today," even though the person still owns three cars based on the question.

When it comes to coding, people have had mixed results with Gemini as well. FireShip compared Gemini Advanced to ChatGPT-4 in its ability to read code. He uploaded the same code to both platforms, and both of them essentially figured out what that code did. But of course, the big question is, can it actually create good code? David Andre tested it with a simple snake game. He eventually got it to pop up a game window, but clearly, there was no snake involved. Interestingly, Chris from All About AI had a similar test and managed to get a working snake game to generate from Gemini Ultra after a few back and forth with the model. So coding abilities seem to be a mixed bag.

Image Generation and Interpretation

Let's talk about Gemini's ability to generate images. Some videos have mentioned that they couldn't make it generate images, while others have been successful. Matt Vid Pro tested it and found that it was able to generate images of cats that are also wizards. In my own testing, it was able to generate images of a mad scientist in the lab. However, the generated images did not always perfectly match the prompt.

When it comes to image interpretation, the results have been mixed. Some videos have shown that Gemini struggled to understand the content of images, while others have had better results. The image understanding capabilities of Gemini are still a work in progress and not as impressive as the initial demo.

Final Thoughts on Gemini

Overall, Gemini has its strengths and weaknesses. The consensus among content creators is that it's fast, creative, and good for searching the web. However, its problem-solving abilities and image interpretation capabilities still need improvement. Gemini's connection to the Google ecosystem and its integration with various Google tools are valuable for users who are heavily invested in the Google ecosystem. It's worth giving Gemini a try, especially with the two-month free trial, but ChatGPT and other models still have their merits. Google is likely to continue updating and improving Gemini over time, so it's an AI tool to keep an eye on.

Thank you for reading and exploring the world of AI with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use Gemini Advanced with my existing Google AI account?

    Yes, you can upgrade to Gemini Advanced from your current Google AI account and enjoy the advanced capabilities.

  • Is Gemini available in all countries and languages?

    Gemini Advanced is currently optimized for English but available in 150 different countries. More countries and languages will be added soon.

  • Can Gemini generate realistic images?

    Yes, Gemini has the ability to generate realistic images, although the results may vary.

  • Can Gemini understand the content of images?

    Gemini's image interpretation capabilities are still a work in progress and have shown mixed results so far.

  • Is Gemini faster than other AI models?

    Yes, Gemini has been praised for its speed and the quickness of its responses compared to other models.

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