Best Google Calendar Alternative: A Review of Calendly vs.

Written by Reclaim AI - January 31, 2024

Comprehensive Description and Analysis

In this article, we will provide a thorough description and insightful analysis of the differences between Calendly and scheduling links. We will explore why one may choose one over the other when it comes to meeting links and optimizing meeting scheduling. Calendly has been a prominent player in the field of meeting scheduling for over a decade. It allows users to create personal booking links that people can use to schedule a time with them based on their availability. However, with the increase in remote work and professionals having to balance multiple meetings, these existing scheduling links have faced criticism for being inflexible and lacking prioritization.

Through a survey conducted with over 800 busy professionals, we discovered some consistent issues with existing scheduling and meeting booking links. Over half of the professionals struggled to offer enough availability on their calendar when sending meeting links. This limited availability resulted in meeting links being perceived as rude or inconsiderate. Two major issues reported by professionals were the lack of control over prioritizing important meetings over regular meetings and a lack of flexibility in meeting durations. Professionals wanted more options to offer when sending meeting links, such as shorter meeting durations.

As a response to these issues, introduced scheduling links that addressed the problems present with competitors like Calendly. In a follow-up survey, 61.7% of Reclaim scheduling link users switched over from Calendly, and 92.4% of those users preferred Reclaim over Calendly. The key difference lies in Reclaim's understanding of the other priorities on a user's calendar. Reclaim considers users' tasks, habits, one-on-one meetings, and other meetings when finding the best time for sending meeting links. Users can offer more available time slots, add flexible durations for attendees to choose from, and book meetings sooner.

Expertise Display

As a team experienced in productivity and calendar management, we have conducted surveys, gathered data, and analyzed user feedback to provide insights into the shortcomings of existing scheduling and meeting booking links. Our solutions, such as high priority scheduling links, flexible duration settings, and smart one-on-ones, have been developed based on real user needs and preferences. We also offer advanced features like privacy options, productive time blocking, and integration with popular tools, all aimed at optimizing productivity and work-life balance.

Structuring Meeting Scheduling

When comparing Calendly and Reclaim, a key difference is pricing. Calendly ranges from $8 to $16 per month, while Reclaim offers one free scheduling link in the free plan, with paid plans ranging from $8 to $12 per month. Reclaim's paid plans not only save costs but also offer a wider range of features. Reclaim's high priority scheduling links allow users to show their maximum availability by displaying time blocks on their calendar, even if they are occupied with tasks, habits, or one-on-one meetings. Reclaim also offers flexible duration settings, allowing users to offer multiple duration options for attendees to choose from.

Meetings booked through Reclaim are scheduled sooner compared to competitors, with an average reduction of 15.3% in the time it takes to book a meeting. This is crucial in today's fast-paced world. Users of Reclaim scheduling links have reported a 69.2% reduction in issues compared to other competitors. The robust features and capabilities of Reclaim make it an appealing alternative to Calendly.


In conclusion, offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by professionals in scheduling and managing meetings. By taking into account users' existing commitments and improving flexibility, Reclaim ensures a smoother and more efficient scheduling process. With advanced features, integrations, and a user-friendly interface, Reclaim proves to be a valuable alternative to Calendly and other meeting link competitors. Experience the benefits of and take control of your meeting scheduling and productivity.


  • 1. Can I use if I am currently a Calendly user?

    Yes, you can still use alongside Calendly to enhance your meeting scheduling experience.

  • 2. Does offer a free plan?

    Yes, offers a free plan with one free scheduling link.

  • 3. How does handle privacy options? provides users with advanced privacy options to control how certain events, including meeting events, are visible to others.

  • 4. Can sync with multiple calendars?

    Yes, allows users to sync unlimited calendars, providing flexibility for those with multiple schedules.

  • 5. Does offer analytics on productivity?

    Yes, provides users with analytics to track their productivity and time allocation.

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