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Generate engaging copy for landing pages, emails, or ads in just a few clicks so you can focus on tasks that need a human touch.0
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What is Campaign Assistant?

Campaign Assistant, HubSpot's AI-driven marketing asset creator, revolutionizes campaign generation by streamlining the creation of landing pages, emails, and ads, enabling marketers to focus on strategic, high-impact tasks. With just a few clicks, users input campaign details and select a tone of voice, resulting in high-quality, brand-aligned copy ready for use or further customization. This powerful tool saves time, enhances productivity, and ensures consistent messaging across all marketing channels.

Key Features

  1. AI Copy Generation: Campaign Assistant leverages AI to rapidly generate copy for landing pages, emails, and ads based on inputted campaign details and desired tone.

  2. Multi-Platform Content Creation: Supports content generation for multiple platforms, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and HubSpot, streamlining the creation of various marketing assets.

  3. Editing and Version Control: Users can easily edit the generated content and access previous versions, facilitating iterative refinement and optimal results.

  4. Landing Page Automation: Generates a new landing page on HubSpot, automatically filled with AI-created copy, expediting the campaign launch process.

  5. Integration with HubSpot CRM: Enhances marketing campaigns by integrating with HubSpot's comprehensive CRM platform for advanced analytics and lead nurturing.

Use Cases

  1. A busy marketing manager uses Campaign Assistant to swiftly generate high-converting landing page copy, optimizing conversion rates and improving campaign efficiency.

  2. An e-commerce business leverages the tool to create engaging email content for a product launch, saving hours in copywriting and ensuring the email resonates with its audience.

  3. A digital marketing agency utilizes Campaign Assistant to produce impactful Google ad copy for multiple clients simultaneously, streamlining the ad creation process and increasing client satisfaction.


Campaign Assistant, with its AI-driven content creation capabilities, transforms the way marketers approach campaign generation. By automating time-consuming copywriting tasks, it empowers users to concentrate on more strategic initiatives, driving business growth. Experience the future of marketing today by leveraging this powerful tool to enhance your campaigns and amplify your brand's impact.


  1. Q: How can Campaign Assistant benefit my marketing efforts?

    • A: Campaign Assistant significantly reduces the time spent on copywriting for landing pages, emails, and ads, allowing you to focus on higher-value tasks like strategy development and audience engagement.

  2. Q: Is Campaign Assistant compatible with my existing marketing channels?

    • A: Yes, Campaign Assistant supports multiple platforms including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and HubSpot, ensuring seamless integration with your current marketing channels.

  3. Q: How do I get started with Campaign Assistant?

    • A: Simply click the "Get Started" button on the Campaign Assistant page to create a HubSpot account or log in to your existing account, and begin leveraging AI for your marketing content creation.

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