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Open-source, feature rich Gemini/ChatGPT-like interface for running open-source models (Gemma, Mistral, LLama3 etc.) locally in the browser using WebGPU. No server-side processing - your data never leaves your pc!0
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What is ChattyUI?

Chattyis your private AI that leverages WebGPU to run large language models (LLMs) natively & privately in your browser, bringing you the most feature rich in-browser AI experience.


  • In-browser privacy:All AI models run locally (client side) on your hardware, ensuring that your data is processed only on your pc. No server-side processing!

  • Offline:Once the initial download of a model is processed, you'll be able to use it without an active internet connection.

  • Chat history:Access and manage your conversation history.

  • Supports new open-source models:Chat with popular open-source models such as Gemma, Llama2 & 3 and Mistral!

  • Responsive design:If your phone supports WebGl, you'll be able to use Chatty just as you would on desktop.

  • Intuitive UI:Inspired by popular AI interfaces such as Gemini and ChatGPT to enhance similarity in the user experience.

  • Markdown & code highlight:Messages returned as markdown will be displayed as such & messages that include code, will be highlighted for easy access.

  • Chat with files:Load files (pdf & all non-binary files supported - even code files) and ask the models questions about them - fully local! Your documents never gets processed outside of your local environment, thanks to XenovaTransformerEmbeddings& MemoryVectorStore

  • Custom memory support:Add custom instructions/memory to allow the AI to provide better and more personalized responses.

  • Export chat messages:Seamlessly generate and save your chat messages in either json or markdown format.

  • Voice input support:Use voice interactions to interact with the models.

  • Regenerate responses:Not quite the response you were hoping for? Quickly regenerate it without having to write out your prompt again.

  • Light & Dark mode:Switch between light & dark mode.

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