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Build a company-specific AI DevOps platform,empowering software development with AI.Boosting Chinese programmers to their full potential, foreseeing the future.0
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What is CodeRider?

Dive into the future of software development with CodeRider, the AI-powered DevOps platform tailored for the modern enterprise. Crafted to empower Chinese programmers and optimize development processes, CodeRider brings efficiency, security, and innovation to your fingertips. Experience seamless integration into your development workflow, private deployment options for enhanced security, and comprehensive support for a wide array of programming languages.

Key Features:

  1. AI-Assisted Programming- CodeRider's AI engine generates high-quality code tailored to your specific R&D scenarios, streamlining the development process and boosting coding efficiency.

  2. Immersive Smart DevOps Workflow- Enhance team collaboration and development efficiency with CodeRider's AI-optimized DevOps process, providing a smooth and efficient experience throughout the software lifecycle.

  3. Flexible Deployment Options- Choose between on-premises and client-side (AIPC) deployment for enhanced security and offline functionality, ideal for enterprises looking to protect sensitive data.

  4. Enterprise Code Documentation Security- Safeguard your company's code and documentation with CodeRider's robust security measures, ensuring that your intellectual property remains confidential.

  5. Broad Programming Language Support- CodeRider covers nearly a hundred programming languages, enabling versatile and inclusive development for a variety of projects and applications.

Use Cases:

  1. A large software company improves development speed and quality by leveraging CodeRider's AI to automate repetitive coding tasks.

  2. A startup uses CodeRider's secure on-premises deployment to protect proprietary code and sensitive data while accelerating its DevOps process.

  3. A team of developers enhances collaboration and code optimization through CodeRider's integration with popular IDEs, streamlining their workflow.


Embrace the future of software development with CodeRider. Its combination of AI-assisted coding, secure deployment options, and broad language support transforms your team's productivity and innovation. Try CodeRider today and witness the difference AI makes in your development projects.

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