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What is Connected Papers?

Connected Papers is an AI tool that provides a visual overview of academic fields by creating graphs of similar papers. It allows users to explore and build graphs for interesting papers, helping them gain a better understanding of trends and dynamics in their field of interest. Additionally, Connected Papers helps users keep track of important papers in fields like Machine Learning, assists in creating bibliographies for theses, and enables users to discover relevant prior and derivative works.

Key Features:

1. Visual Overview of Academic Fields: Connected Papers generates graphs of similar papers in a given field, providing users with a visual representation of the relationships between papers. This helps users gain a comprehensive understanding of the trends and dynamics in their field of interest.

2. Tracking Important Papers: In fields like Machine Learning where numerous papers are published, it can be challenging to keep track of important research. Connected Papers allows users to search and visually discover recent papers, ensuring they stay updated without the need for manual lists.

3. Bibliography Creation: Connected Papers assists users in creating bibliographies for their theses. Users can start with their desired references and use the tool to fill in any missing citations, making the bibliography creation process more efficient and accurate.

Use Cases:

1. Research Exploration: Researchers can use Connected Papers to explore new academic fields. By entering a typical paper, they can generate a graph of similar papers, enabling them to visualize the landscape of the field and identify key works and trends.

2. Keeping Up with Recent Research: In rapidly evolving fields like Machine Learning, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest research. Connected Papers allows researchers to search for and discover important recent papers visually, ensuring they don't miss out on any significant advancements.

3. Thesis Writing: Connected Papers simplifies the process of creating bibliographies for theses. Users can input their desired references and utilize the tool to find additional relevant papers, saving time and effort in compiling a comprehensive bibliography.

Connected Papers is a powerful AI tool that offers researchers and students a visual overview of academic fields, helping them understand the trends and dynamics within their areas of interest. With features like tracking important papers, creating bibliographies, and discovering relevant works, Connected Papers streamlines the research process and enhances productivity. By leveraging the Semantic Scholar database, the tool caters to users across various scientific fields, making it a valuable resource for researchers, students, and professionals alike. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates on our product without the fear of spam.

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