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Automate content curation and posting with our YouTube video summarizer and article summarizer—directly to X, Reddit, or email.0
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What is Custom Craft Bot?

Custom Craft Bot is a sophisticated AI-driven web app designed to revolutionize content curation and summarization for individuals and businesses. This tool specializes in automating the process of fetching, summarizing, and sharing content from selected web pages and YouTube channels. With a focus on enhancing social media presence and keeping users informed, Custom Craft Bot delivers high-quality summaries directly to social feeds on platforms like X and Reddit, or straight to the user’s email inbox.

Key Features:

  1. One-Time Setup, Continuous Updates:Users set up their preferences once, and the bot autonomously provides ongoing summaries of articles and videos from chosen sources.

  2. Boost Social Engagement:Share article and video summaries on X and Reddit to enhance online presence and engage audiences with fresh, relevant content.

  3. Advanced AI Summarization:Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology, the bot generates concise, insightful summaries, ensuring high-quality content updates.

  4. Real-World Use Cases:Custom Craft Bot caters to various needs, from individuals keeping updated to news curators, bloggers, small businesses, educators, and market analysts.

  5. Subscription Plans:Choose from Basic, Pro, and Premium plans, each offering different levels of content management and triggers per day to suit various needs.


  • Efficiency:Saves time and effort in content curation and sharing.

  • Enhanced Social Media Presence:Keeps social media feeds active with the latest insights from favorite sources.

  • Customization:Tailored content aligns with user preferences, whether it’s news, educational materials, or entertainment updates.

  • Flexibility:Users can schedule when the bot runs and summarizes content.

  • Privacy and Security:Secure authentication and payment methods, with no storage of sensitive credit card information on servers.

How It Works:

  • Setup:Users select web pages or YouTube channels for tracking.

  • Summarization:The bot fetches and summarizes the latest content.

  • Delivery:Summaries are posted on social media or sent to email, depending on user preference.

Custom Craft Bot’s advanced AI technology ensures summaries are indistinguishable from human-written text, maintaining the authenticity of social media content. With a 3-day free trial and a user-friendly setup guide, it offers an accessible and efficient solution for content curation and summarization.

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