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Transform your browsing into a language learning journey with Fluent. Learn effortlessly and expand your vocabulary with AI lessons and immersion.0
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What is Fluent?

Fluent is an innovative language learning tool that can easily be integrated into your daily browsing. It transforms your browser into a personalized language tutor, allowing you to effortlessly learn new words, phrases, and pronunciation. With Fluent, you can harness the power of repetition and immersion to learn a language naturally and effectively. 

Key Features:

  1. AI-Driven Pronunciation Lessons: 🗣️

    • Master the nuances of pronunciation with AI-powered lessons that provide instant feedback.

  2. Seamless Vocabulary Acquisition: 📖💡

    • Seamlessly expand your vocabulary by encountering new words highlighted on web pages. Simply hover over unfamiliar words to reveal their translations and pronunciation.

  3. Engaging Streaks and Leaderboards: 🏆✨

    • Unleash your competitive spirit and stay motivated with engaging streaks and leaderboards that track your progress and encourage regular practice.

Use Cases:

  1. Effortless Language Learning: 🎓💻

    • Integrate language learning into your daily routine by simply browsing the internet.

  2. Language Immersion: 🌎📱

    • Experience the language in context by encountering it in real-world scenarios while browsing your favorite websites.

  3. Continuous Improvement: 📈🚀

    • Maintain and enhance your language skills by consistently encountering new words and phrases during your browsing sessions.


Fluent is a revolutionary language learning tool that empowers you to acquire a new language naturally and conveniently. Its innovative approach transforms your browsing experience into a language learning journey, making it an ideal companion for language enthusiasts of all levels. Embark on your language learning adventure today with Fluent and unlock the world of communication possibilities. 

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