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Glaze & Nightshade provides innovative tools to protect artists from generative AI and maintain the integrity of their original work.0
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What is Glaze & Nightshade?

Glaze is a revolutionary system designed to protect human artists by disrupting style mimicry, a troubling trend where AI models, after being trained on large datasets containing copyrighted art, can generate images in an artist's style without consent. By applying minimal changes undetectable to the human eye, Glaze alters artworks in a way that confuses AI models, making them unable to mimic the style accurately. Despite its effectiveness, Glaze is not a permanent solution against AI mimicry, serving as a temporary barrier until legal and regulatory frameworks catch up.

Key Features

  1. Disruption of Style Mimicry: Glaze uses machine learning to compute minimal, invisible changes to artworks, rendering them indecipherable to AI models while preserving their appearance to humans.

  2. Dimensional Disguise: The changes act as a new dimension that AI models perceive, much like UV light is undetectable to the human eye, making the artwork appear dramatically different to AI models.

  3. Robustness to Known Countermeasures: Glaze has been extensively tested against known systems and countermeasures, including image manipulation techniques, and remains resilient to common attacks.

  4. WebGlaze Accessibility: A web service version, WebGlaze, provides accessibility for artists working on mobile devices or without powerful computers, by allowing them to upload artworks to be glazed in the cloud.

  5. Adaptability and Updates: Glaze receives periodic updates to counter new attacks and ensure continued protection against AI mimicry, maintaining its effectiveness against evolving AI models.

Use Cases

  1. An independent artist prevents unauthorized AI generation of artwork by glazing their portfolio, preserving their style's exclusivity and reputation.

  2. Art school administrators observe a positive impact on student enrollment as young artists gain confidence in their careers' security, thanks to Glaze's protection.

  3. A gallery ensures the authenticity of its digital art collection by glazing all artworks, securing them against unauthorized style mimicry and digital reproduction.


Glaze offers artists a crucial tool in the battle against AI style mimicry, serving as a temporary but effective safeguard until comprehensive legal and regulatory measures are established. It empowers artists by allowing them to protect their unique styles without compromising on the quality or authenticity of their work. Join the movement and safeguard your artistic legacy by exploring how Glaze can help you.


  1. Q: How does Glaze protect against AI style mimicry?

    • Glaze introduces subtle changes to artworks that are invisible to humans but significantly alter how AI models interpret the art's style, making it difficult for AI to mimic the original style.

  2. Q: Is Glaze effective against all AI models?

    • While Glaze is effective against known AI models, it is not guaranteed to work on proprietary or future models. However, its robust design is continually updated to maintain effectiveness against new attacks.

  3. Q: What is the difference between Glaze and WebGlaze?

    • Glaze is a software tool designed for computers with certain GPU requirements, while WebGlaze is a web service that runs in the cloud, accessible to artists on any device with internet access, making it easier for artists with limited computing resources.

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