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Discover heyLibby, the versatile AI tool for effortless lead management. Customize appearance, qualify leads, and integrate with CRM systems.0
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What is Heylibby.ai?

heyLibby is a versatile AI tool that enables users to customize, qualify, and manage leads effortlessly. It simplifies lead management by allowing you to personalize its appearance and conversation, while also providing scheduling capabilities and integration with various CRM and lead handling tools.

Key Features:

  1. 🎨 Customize and Share:

    • Tailor heyLibby's appearance and conversation to match your brand and preferences.

    • Easily embed heyLibby on your website or share it via a personalized link.

  2. 📅 Qualify and Schedule:

    • Gather essential information from your customers to determine their suitability.

    • Streamline the booking process by allowing qualified leads to schedule meetings directly on your calendar.

  3. 📊 Manage your Leads:

    • Receive instant notifications via email or text when new leads come in.

    • Efficiently oversee all your leads in one centralized location, where you can search, sort, add notes, and perform various management tasks.

Use Cases:

  1. Real Estate Agent:

    • A real estate agent can use heyLibby to create a customized chatbot on their website, guiding potential clients through property inquiries.

    • By collecting information and scheduling property viewings, heyLibby helps the agent manage leads and appointments efficiently.

  2. Sales Team:

    • Sales teams can qualify leads using heyLibby's automated conversation, ensuring they engage with prospects who meet specific criteria.

    • Integration with CRM systems allows seamless lead transfer and organization for follow-up.

  3. Event Planner:

    • Event planners can embed heyLibby in their event websites to pre-screen attendees and gather event preferences.

    • With lead notifications and integrated scheduling, heyLibby simplifies event management by automating the initial contact and data collection process.


heyLibby is a powerful AI tool that simplifies lead management and customer interactions. Its customizable appearance, lead qualification, scheduling capabilities, and integration with various CRM systems make it a valuable asset for businesses across industries. From real estate agents to sales teams and event planners, heyLibby streamlines lead handling and enhances productivity, ultimately contributing to improved customer engagement and conversions.

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