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Buyer intelligence and personality AI for sales teams to authentically personalize all interactions, engage more prospects and close more deals.0
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What is Humantic AI?

Humantic AI is a software that provides buyer intelligence to revenue teams. It utilizes personality AI to help sellers engage with customers, build trustworthy relationships, and close more deals through authentic personalization.

Key Features:

1. Personality AI Assistant: The software combines Generative AI and Personality AI to personalize sales communications. It helps salespeople build rapport, avoid communication issues, and increase deal closures.

2. Personality AI Dashboard: Humantic AI offers a dashboard that provides personality insights to sales teams. These insights can be used to establish long-term trust, engage with people authentically, and close more win-win deals.

3. Omnichannel Enrichment: The software integrates with CRMs like Salesforce and engagement solutions like Outreach to ensure that buyer data can be used for personalized interactions. It also offers a Chrome extension for LinkedIn, email, and CRMs, making personality insights available for every interaction.

Use Cases:

- Sales Leaders: Humantic AI helps sales leaders personalize their outreach and tailor their communication to different prospects, resulting in higher response rates and more successful meetings.

- RevOps Leaders: The software assists RevOps leaders in identifying early adopters and refining their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and buyer personas based on past wins/losses or engagement data.

- BDRs (Business Development Representatives): BDRs can leverage Humantic AI to personalize their sales emails and calls, using the DISC framework to craft effective communication for each prospect.

- Account Executives: Humantic AI provides account executives with personality insights to build rapport, avoid communication landmines, and close more deals.


Humantic AI is a powerful tool that enables revenue teams to leverage buyer intelligence and personalize their sales efforts. With features like the Personality AI Assistant, Personality AI Dashboard, and Omnichannel Enrichment, sales teams can build authentic relationships, engage with prospects effectively, and achieve higher deal closures. The software has received positive reviews and is trusted by large enterprises and startups alike.

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