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Discover INOP, the AI-powered professional network app connecting like-minded individuals. Find jobs, connect with others, and uncover companies that align with your values. Join free and unlock limitless opportunities.0
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What is INOP? is an impact-driven professional network that leverages advanced AI algorithms to connect users with professionals, jobs, and companies that share their values and interests. It simplifies the process of finding meaningful connections and pursuing impactful careers by focusing on shared values and aspirations.

Key Features:

  1. 🤝 AI Matchmaking: Utilize AI-powered algorithms to connect with professionals who align with your impact-driven mindset and career goals, facilitating meaningful relationships.

  2. 📰 Personalized Job Alerts: Receive tailored job alerts based on your preferences and location, enabling you to stay updated on relevant opportunities.

  3. 💡 Actionable Insights: Access comprehensive company intelligence, including salary benchmarks, company culture, ESG data, and career path insights, to make informed decisions.

Use Cases:

  1. Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals globally, fostering purpose-driven connections and expanding your professional network.

  2. Job Search: Effortlessly discover and apply for dream jobs that align with your values and aspirations, leveraging personalized job alerts and actionable insights.

  3. Talent Acquisition: Employers can hire impact-driven talent with AI-powered sourcing capabilities, promoting talent diversity and equitable hiring decisions within their organizations.

Conclusion: offers a unique platform where professionals can connect based on shared values and interests, fostering meaningful relationships and facilitating career growth. Join today to experience the power of purpose-driven networking and unlock opportunities for your professional journey.


  1. How does match professionals? utilizes advanced AI algorithms to match professionals based on shared values, beliefs, and career aspirations, ensuring meaningful connections.

  2. What type of job alerts does provide? offers personalized job alerts tailored to users' preferences and location, keeping them updated on relevant job opportunities.

  3. Can employers access comprehensive insights on candidates?Yes, employers can leverage's actionable insights, including salary benchmarks, company culture, and ESG data, to make informed hiring decisions and promote talent diversity.

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Updated Date: 2024-06-25
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