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What is Intellippt?

Intellippt is an AI-powered online summarization tool that allows users to summarize text, PDFs, and DOCX files quickly and easily. The tool simplifies complex sentences by splitting them and abridging the content, enabling users to read through long texts 3-5 times faster. With its intelligent summarization capabilities, Intellippt is useful for studying research reports, articles, work emails, technical papers, and more.

Key Features:

1. AI-Summarization by Simplification: Intellippt uses artificial intelligence to split long sentences and abridge them for faster reading. This feature helps users go through academic articles or business reports quickly without skipping any important information.

2. Summarize PDF/DOCX with Slide Creation: Users can upload PDF or DOCX files to Intellippt for summarization. The tool not only provides a summary but also converts the document into a presentable PowerPoint presentation (PPT), saving time in creating slides.

3. Highlight Summary Points in PDF: Intellippt's highlighting feature allows users to identify key points within a summarized PDF document easily. This makes it convenient for referencing important information later.

Use Cases:

1. Academic Research: Researchers can use Intellippt to quickly summarize lengthy academic articles or research papers before diving deeper into specific sections of interest.

2. Business Reports: Professionals can save time by using Intellippt to extract essential insights from lengthy business reports or whitepapers without having to read every word.

3. Study Aid: Students can utilize Intellippt as a study aid when reviewing course materials or preparing for exams by generating concise summaries that capture the main ideas of textbooks or lecture notes.

Intellippt is an efficient AI-powered online summarization tool that simplifies complex texts and enables fast reading while retaining crucial information. Its features like sentence splitting, slide creation from documents, and PDF highlighting make it a valuable tool for researchers, professionals, and students alike. With Intellippt, users can save time and improve productivity by quickly summarizing and understanding lengthy texts.

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