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What is IntelliWebi?

Intelliwebi is an AI-powered startup pitch consultant software that provides feedback for your pitch. It is optimized for small businesses and offers cost savings. With Intelliwebi, you can make a deep impression on investors with your elevator pitch. The software includes pitch video analysis, an investor chatbot, and various features to help you improve your pitch.

Key Features:

1. Pitch Video Analysis: Upload your pitch video or record a new one using Intelliwebi will analyze your pitch and provide feedback on areas that need improvement.

2. Investor Persona Chatbot: Practice your pitch with an interactive chatbot that simulates investor questions. Get objective feedback and tailor your pitch accordingly.

3. Feedback and Sharing: Receive feedback on your pitch answers after completing 10 questions. Use the feedback to refine your pitch and ensure you are well-prepared for presentations.

Use Cases:

- Startups preparing for investor pitches can use Intelliwebi to analyze their pitch videos and receive objective feedback on areas that need improvement. This helps startups refine their pitches and increase their chances of securing funding.

- Entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business can benefit from the investor persona chatbot. By practicing important questions with the chatbot, entrepreneurs can improve their communication skills and better respond to investor inquiries.

Intelliwebi is a valuable tool for startups and entrepreneurs looking to enhance their pitch presentations. With its AI-powered features, such as pitch video analysis and investor persona chatbot, Intelliwebi provides objective feedback and helps users refine their pitches. Startups can save time and money by utilizing this software, ultimately increasing their chances of successfully raising funds for their ventures.

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