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Jamahook empowers music producers to instantly find musical elements like samples, loops, stems or other audio content that perfectly complement their song arrangements.0
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What is Jamahook Sound Assistant?

Jamahook Sound Assistant is a revolutionary AI-driven plugin that streamlines the music production process by instantly finding musical elements, such as samples, loops, and stems, that harmonize perfectly with your song arrangements. This world's first AI sound matching tool allows producers to match sounds from their personal libraries or from a cloud database, enhancing creativity and efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. AI Sound Matching:Utilizes advanced AI to analyze and match musical components based on harmonic and rhythmic qualities, ensuring seamless integration with your current project.

  2. Flexible Matching Sources:Offers the option to match from your local audio library or from Jamahook's cloud library, providing access to a vast repository of royalty-free loops and sounds.

  3. Personalized Offline Agent:Categorizes and structures all your local musical elements, helping you rediscover forgotten audio content and find the perfect match for your music.

  4. Cloud Loop Subscriptions:Provides access to an ever-growing cloud loop library with various subscription models, enabling producers to buy and own loops for commercial use.

  5. Intuitive Plugin Interface:Designed for effortless integration with all major DAWs, supporting both VST and AU formats, with a simple interface that belies its powerful features.

Use Cases:

  1. A music producer quickly finds matching samples for a song arrangement without sifting through endless loops, saving time and enhancing creative flow.

  2. An artist discovers new inspiration from Jamahook's cloud loops, seamlessly integrating high-quality audio content into their project for a fresh sound.

  3. A studio musician optimizes their workflow by using the offline agent to efficiently organize and match with their extensive personal sound library.


Jamahook Sound Assistant empowers music producers by harnessing the power of AI to simplify the search for musical elements. By enhancing creativity and efficiency, it transforms the music production process, making it more accessible and enjoyable. Join the revolution in music production by exploring Jamahook's offerings today.


  1. Q: Can Jamahook match sounds from my personal library?

    • A: Yes, Jamahook's offline agent can analyze and match sounds from your personal library, ensuring you can find the perfect musical element for your project.

  2. Q: Is there a subscription required to access the cloud loops?

    • A: Yes, Jamahook offers various subscription models to access its cloud loops, allowing producers to download and use loops commercially based on their needs.

  3. Q: Does Jamahook support all digital audio workstations (DAWs)?

    • A: Currently, Jamahook's plugin is available as a VST and AU plugin for most DAWs, with plans for an AAX version for ProTools in 2024.

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Updated Date: 2024-07-23
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