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What is Khanmigo?

Khanmigo, the AI-powered teaching assistant and tutor from Khan Academy. Designed to enhance education for teachers, learners, and parents alike, Khanmigo offers real-time feedback, creative coaching, instant homework help, and a comprehensive education toolkit.

Key Features:

1. 🎓 AI-Powered Teaching Assistant: Khanmigo thinks and responds like an educator, providing teachers with support in creating prompts and delivering personalized instruction.

2. 💡 Creative Coaching: Boost your creativity with Khanmigo's real-time feedback on writing assignments while encouraging debate and collaboration.

3. 📚 Instant Homework Help: Say goodbye to homework struggles as you or your child can type in any question and receive immediate assistance from Khanmigo's vast knowledge base.

4. 🧰 Education Toolkit: Teachers can practice skills themselves or access on-demand homework help anytime they need it through the 24/7 support provided by Khanmigo.

Use Cases:

1. For Teachers: Enhance classroom instruction by leveraging the power of an AI teaching assistant that provides personalized prompts and supports educators in delivering tailored lessons. 2. For Learners: Unleash your creative potential with real-time feedback from Khanmigo on writing assignments while fostering collaboration among peers. 3. For Parents: Make homework time stress-free by utilizing Khanmigo's instant help feature to assist your child with any questions they may have.


Khanmigo revolutionizes education by offering an AI-powered solution that benefits teachers, learners, and parents alike. With features such as personalized prompts for educators, real-time feedback for students' creative work, instant homework assistance for parents' peace of mind - all available through a comprehensive education toolkit - this tool has the potential to transform the way we teach and learn. Join us today to experience the future of education with Khan Academy's innovative AI product!

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