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Legaliser utilizes AI technology to simplify contract analysis, drafting, insights, and reporting. Create legally compliant contracts effortlessly and efficiently.0
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What is Legaliser?

Revolutionize your legal workflow with Legaliser, the AI-powered contract analyzer designed to simplify complex agreements. With its robust AI analysis, intuitive drafting tools, and extensive template library, Legaliser transforms contract management, enhancing clarity, compliance, and efficiency. Perfect for legal teams, businesses, and individuals looking to master their legal agreements with cutting-edge technology.

Key Features:

  1. AI Contract Summarization: Quickly dissect contracts, extracting key points and obligations for at-a-glance comprehension.

  2. Comprehensive Clause Ratings: Automatically assess clauses for compliance, suggesting enhancements to improve contract clarity.

  3. Template Contracts Library: Access a wide range of customizable, AI-enhanced templates to expedite the drafting process.

  4. Documents Organization: Streamline document management with customizable folders for organized contract storage.

  5. AI-Powered Collaborative Editing: Support AI-guided collaborative drafting, ensuring accuracy and compliance in a user-friendly interface.

Use Cases:

  1. A legal team at a multinational corporation uses Legaliser to expedite the review of hundreds of vendor contracts, reducing the time spent on manual analysis by 70%.

  2. A small business owner leverages the template library to draft standard contracts quickly, saving significant legal fees and time.

  3. An individual utilizes the AI contract summaries to understand and negotiate a complex employment contract without legal assistance.


Legaliser offers a revolutionary solution to the time-consuming and complex world of contract management. With its powerful AI tools, comprehensive library, and intuitive design, it empowers users to manage legal agreements with confidence and efficiency. Experience the future of contract analysis today.


  1. What makes Legaliser's AI contract analysis superior to traditional methods?

    • Legaliser's AI technology is designed to quickly summarize contracts and provide detailed compliance ratings, offering unparalleled accuracy and time-saving benefits over manual review.

  2. Can Legaliser help with drafting new contracts?

    • Yes, Legaliser offers a broad library of customizable templates, enhanced with AI suggestions to streamline drafting and ensure compliance.

  3. Is Legaliser suitable for individuals and small businesses without a legal department?

    • Absolutely, Legaliser's intuitive design and AI support make it accessible for anyone, providing tools for contract summarization, drafting, and editing that do not require legal expertise.

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