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MARS5, a fully open-source (commercially usable) voice-cloning/TTS with break-through prosody and realism.0
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What is MARS5 TTS?

Dive into the future of text-to-speech technology with MARS5 TTS, Camb AI's groundbreaking innovation. This open-source marvel delivers unrivaled prosodic control and voice cloning with just a snippet of audio—less than 5 seconds required! MARS5's architecture marries a 750M Auto-Regressive model with a 450M Non-Auto-Regressive model, bolstered by a BPE tokenizer for precise punctuation handling. Its unique AR-NAR pipeline transforms text into lifelike speech, distinguishing it from leading language models like GPT and Gemini.

Key Features

  1. Innovative Two-Stage AR-NAR Pipeline: MARS5's Auto-Regressive model generates coarse speech features, refined by a Non-Auto-Regressive DDPM, for high-quality, controllable speech synthesis.

  2. Exceptional Prosodic Control: Utilizing punctuation and capitalization, MARS5 enables nuanced control over pauses, stops, and emphasis in speech.

  3. Efficient Voice Cloning: With mere seconds of audio input, MARS5 can clone voices, ideal for applications requiring quick and accurate voice replication.

  4. Versatile Inference Modes: Users can choose between a fast shallow clone or a slower, higher-quality deep clone for optimal speech generation.

  5. BPE Tokenizer Precision: MARS5's BPE tokenizer offers precise control over punctuation, contributing to natural-sounding speech output.

Use Cases

  1. Sports Broadcasting Enhancement: MARS5 excels in delivering dynamic sports commentary, adjusting tone and pace to match the excitement of live events.

  2. Anime Voiceovers Personalization: Voice cloning capabilities are particularly useful for animating characters, offering a more engaging and authentic viewing experience.

  3. Education Tools Development: MARS5 can personalize e-learning content, adjusting speaking styles to match diverse educational needs and preferences.


MARS5 TTS stands at the forefront of text-to-speech innovation, offering unmatched prosodic control and voice cloning abilities. Its combination of efficiency and quality makes it an indispensable asset in entertainment, education, and accessibility projects. Join the revolution in speech synthesis technology; experience the power and precision of MARS5 today.


  1. What makes MARS5 different from other language models?
    MARS5's focus on text-to-speech synthesis, using a unique AR-NAR architecture, sets it apart from models like GPT and Gemini, which are more focused on text generation and understanding.

  2. How can MARS5 be used for voice cloning?
    With only 5 seconds of audio, MARS5 can clone voices accurately. Users can opt for a fast shallow clone or a more detailed deep clone, which requires the transcript for higher quality.

  3. What are the key applications of MARS5 TTS?
    MARS5 is highly versatile, suitable for sports broadcasting, anime voiceovers, education, and various accessibility solutions, enhancing user experience through advanced speech synthesis.

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