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Video to translated text, subtitles and notes made easy. Whether it's YouTube, Podcast or local audio and video files, convert text and concentrate the essence.0
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What is Memo AI?

Memo AI is a software that allows users to easily convert video and audio files into text, subtitles, and notes. It supports various formats such as YouTube, podcasts, and local media files.

Key Features:

Video to Text Conversion It can convert YouTube videos, podcasts, and other videos into text transcripts.

Multi-language Support Users can transcribe and translate between Chinese, English, Japanese, and more than 90 other languages.

Translation It supports translation between over 90 languages while transcribing audio.

Floating Notes Users can display key points as floating pop-up notes while the audio is playing.

Live Subtitles Real-time subtitles are displayed as the audio plays back.

Local Media Support It can transcribe local media files like MP4, MP3, AAC, and M4A.

AI Summarization Users can generate smart summaries of transcripts using AI.

Export Options Memo AI allows users to export subtitles, Markdown, and Notion. It also offers integration with other platforms.

Cross-platform It works on both Windows and macOS.

Secure and Private No data leaves the user's device, and the software works completely offline.

Memo AI is a powerful software that simplifies the process of converting video and audio files into text, subtitles, and notes. It supports various formats and offers features such as multi-language support, floating notes, live subtitles, and AI summarization. The software works offline, ensuring security and privacy for users. Additionally, it is available for free as part of the beta program.

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