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Track and manage your games. Integrated with PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam. Connect and chat with fellow gamers. Discover your next adventure with Minimap!0
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What is Minimap AI?

Minimap is the ultimate gaming companion that offers personalized game recommendations, multi-platform game account sync, and a thriving gaming community. With Minimap, gamers can easily find their next gaming adventure, receive game recommendations based on their preferences, and connect with a passionate community of gamers. The app also allows seamless syncing of game accounts across popular platforms, such as Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Epic Store, enabling users to track their progress, achievements, and friends in one convenient place.

Key Features:

Personalized Game Recommendations: Minimap provides personalized game recommendations based on users' preferences, game history, and community insights. This feature ensures that gamers never miss out on the perfect game for them. By analyzing their gaming habits and interests, Minimap suggests games that align with their preferences, enhancing their gaming experience.

Multi-Platform Game Account Sync: Minimap allows users to seamlessly sync their game accounts across popular platforms like Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Epic Store. This feature enables gamers to track their progress, achievements, and friends across multiple platforms in one convenient place. Whether they switch between platforms or play games on different devices, Minimap ensures that their gaming experience remains uninterrupted.

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Updated Date: 2023-10-07
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