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What is Nextpart AI?

Nextpart is the next generation chat app powered by AI large language models, enabling human-like interactions between users and the AI models.  

In Nextpart users define and chat with AI characters, each with customized appearance, personalities, and storylines. Users are free to explore their fantasies with the AI characters.  

Potential chat scenarios are unlimited: roleplaying, relationships, love and sex, adventures, events, lifestyle... let the AI models surprise you.  

Nextpart supports AI voice response and image generation from chat context, allows intimate conversations with AI models with no NSFW filter, in 14 languages.  

Key Features:

1. 🤖 Customizable Characters: Users have the ability to define and customize their own characters within the app, giving them complete control over appearance, personality traits, and storylines.

2. 💬 Natural Language Conversations: Nextpart's AI technology enables seamless and natural language interactions between users and their chosen characters, creating a realistic conversational experience.

3. 🌟 Personalized Storylines: The app offers personalized storylines for each character based on user preferences and inputs, allowing for dynamic storytelling experiences tailored to individual interests.

4. 🔒 Privacy Protection: Nextpart prioritizes user privacy by implementing robust security measures to ensure that all conversations remain confidential and protected.

Use Cases:

1. Role-Playing Adventures: Gamers can immerse themselves in interactive role-playing adventures by creating unique characters in Nextpart AI and engaging in captivating dialogues driven by advanced language models.

2. Creative Writing Assistance: Writers seeking inspiration or feedback can utilize Nextpart AI as a writing companion to generate ideas or receive suggestions from intelligent virtual characters.

3. Virtual Companionship: Individuals looking for companionship or someone to talk to can find solace in interacting with lifelike AI characters within the app.


Nextpart AI revolutionizes chat apps by introducing customizable characters powered by advanced language models. Whether you're a gamer seeking immersive experiences or a writer looking for creative support, this platform offers endless possibilities for exploration and engagement. Experience the efficiency of Nextpart's cutting-edge features firsthand – start chatting today!


Q: Can I create multiple customized characters?

A: Yes, Nextpart AI allows users to create and interact with multiple customized characters, each with their own unique traits and storylines.

Q: Is my privacy protected while using Nextpart AI?

A: Absolutely. Nextpart prioritizes user privacy and implements robust security measures to ensure that all conversations remain confidential and protected.

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