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Potion lets you create modern email templates without battling archaic drag-and-drop editors. Modelled after the intuitive UX of Notion and the extensibility of Figma with AI-powered autocompletion0
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What is Potion by BestRegards?

Potion, a revolutionary email builder reminiscent of Notion, but with a twist of AI-powered autocompletion. Crafted by an author and blogger with a vast subscriber base, Potion addresses the perennial challenge of email template creation by offering an intuitive UX, no subscription fees (initially), HTML exports, and real-world brand samples.

Key Features:

  1. 🎨 Intuitive Template Creation:Potion provides a seamless template authoring experience, inspired by Notion's user-friendly interface, ensuring effortless customization without the need for coding.

  2. 🧠 AI Autocompletion:Leveraging AI technology, Potion offers smart autocompletion suggestions, streamlining the content creation process and enhancing efficiency.

  3. 📧 Real-world Brand Samples:Access a curated collection of practical email samples from renowned brands, facilitating inspiration and benchmarking for optimal email design.

Use Cases:

  1. Author & Blogger Outreach:Streamline communication with subscribers and followers by effortlessly crafting engaging emails using Potion's intuitive interface and AI-powered suggestions.

  2. Business Communication:Enhance professional correspondence with clients and stakeholders through visually appealing and impactful email templates created effortlessly with Potion.

  3. Marketing Campaigns:Expedite the creation of captivating marketing emails by leveraging Potion's curated library of real-world brand samples and AI autocompletion, ensuring consistency and effectiveness across campaigns.


Potion represents a game-changer in email template creation, offering a blend of simplicity, innovation, and practicality. Experience the power of Potion firsthand to unlock the potential of streamlined email communication without the hassle of monthly subscriptions. Join the journey towards effortless email creation and share your feedback to shape the future of Potion.

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