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What is Product Prompt?


Product Prompt is a powerful tool that allows teams to experiment, test, and find the best GPT prompt using product data for their next killer feature. With features like Analytics Pro and Team Planner, users can gain advanced analytics insights and collaborate effectively. The tool also offers privacy protection, history tracking, easy sharing of prompt setups, and a free trial option.

Key Features:

1. Upload your data: Users can easily set up their JSON data for LLM prompts without any engineering time.

2. Experiment with prompts: Product Prompt enables fast prototyping and testing of prompts to optimize new and existing features.

3. Find the perfect output: Based on team size and industry, recommendations are provided to help users make informed decisions about which features to try.

Use Cases:

- Marketing teams can utilize Analytics Pro to gain more in-depth insights into their analytics data, enabling them to make better-informed decisions and optimize marketing strategies.

- Teams looking for collaborative spaces can benefit from the Team Planner feature as it provides a platform for brainstorming ideas and sharing them effectively among team members.

By leveraging Product Prompt's templating language capabilities, users have control over text instructions for LLM while maintaining privacy by replacing sensitive information in product data. The tool also ensures that every prompt parameter is auto-saved during experimentation so that no progress is lost. Sharing prompt setups with team members becomes effortless with just one click.

Product Prompt empowers teams by allowing non-developers to become prompt engineers through its user-friendly interface. It facilitates fast prototyping of prompts while ensuring privacy protection and easy collaboration within teams. Try Product Prompt today with a free trial option available!

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