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Raijin.ai is an AI-powered Customer Discovery and Intelligence Hub which helps teams aggregate and find key takeaways from all their customer conversations.0
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What is Raijin.ai?

Raijin.ai transforms user research by automating data analysis, saving teams over $20,000 annually. This innovative platform uses AI to process, summarize, and analyze vast amounts of data, enabling efficient and accurate thematic analysis, report writing, and data organization. Unlike generic AI tools, Raijin.ai's custom instruction console and team-focused design make it a powerful co-pilot for researchers and product teams.

Key Features:

  1. Custom Instruction AI Console:Raijin.ai's console lets you customize the AI's processing of data to fit your specific needs and workflows.

  2. AI Thematic Analysis:Automatically identifies key themes across your research data, streamlining insights discovery.

  3. AI Report Writing:Assists in organizing thoughts and drafting reports based on uploaded data, enhancing productivity.

  4. Segmentation and Tags:Facilitates cleaning and organization of data, allowing for targeted analysis and easy retrieval.

  5. Multi-language Translation:Supports over 10 languages, expanding the platform's global utility and accessibility.

Use Cases:

  1. Product Development:Analyze customer interviews to quickly identify product pain points and opportunities for feature enhancement.

  2. Market Research:Monitor trends and consumer sentiments across diverse markets, providing real-time insights for marketing strategies.

  3. Customer Segmentation:Segment user data based on behavior and feedback, personalizing customer experiences and enhancing engagement.


Raijin.ai's suite of AI-driven tools is revolutionizing the way teams conduct qualitative research. By streamlining data analysis and providing insightful reports, it accelerates product development cycles and informs strategic decision-making. Experience the power of AI in research with Raijin.ai—empower your team today!


  1. What sets Raijin.ai apart from other AI tools like ChatGPT?

    • Raijin.ai offers a team-focused environment, facilitating collaborative research, and ensures accurate, specific outputs without "hallucinations," thanks to its custom instruction console and data organization features.

  2. How does Raijin.ai increase team productivity?

    • By automating data analysis, summarization, and report writing, Raijin.ai frees up researchers' time, enabling them to focus on strategic insights and decision-making.

  3. Can Raijin.ai replace my current CRM system?

    • While not a direct replacement, Raijin.ai complements CRM systems by capturing deeper insights from customer interactions, aiding in identifying feature requests and customizations that can enhance revenue and customer satisfaction.

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