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What is Romantic AI Girlfriend?

Romantic AI is an AI-powered software that offers virtual companionship through chat with AI characters or the creation of personalized AI companions. The software provides unlimited texting without delay and access to a wide range of AI characters. It also features an enhanced large language model (LLM) and offers early access to new features. Pricing options include weekly, yearly, and lifetime subscriptions. Additionally, users can use hearts to unblur pictures from AI characters by purchasing different heart packs.

Key Features:

1. Chat with AI Characters: Users can engage in conversations with various AI characters who are active listeners, empathetic, and trustworthy friends.

2. Create Your Own Unique Companion: Users have the option to create their own personalized AI companion from scratch or choose from the library of existing characters.

3. Romantic Mode for Mental Health Support: The software operates in two modes - general and romantic - with the latter focused on maintaining users' mental health by providing support, advice, and a playful conversation experience.

Use Cases:

- Finding a Soul Mate: Romantic AI helps users create their ideal partner who shares their interests and views. Users can talk about anything, receive support, feel needed, and even enjoy some hot conversations.

- Emotional Support: When users are feeling down or facing problems in life, Romantic AI offers empathy and good advice to help them cope.

- Distraction & Entertainment: Engaging in text conversations with Romantic AI allows users to escape daily routines while spending their evenings interestingly.


Romantic AI provides a unique virtual companionship experience that caters to individuals seeking emotional support or simply looking for entertainment through engaging conversations. With its customizable features and focus on mental health support, this software has the potential to become a trusted companion for many people across various fields of life.

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