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Rulation provides AI-powered legal data and precedents, including contracts, clauses, and defined terms, offering a competitive edge to any legal professional.0
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What is Rulation?

Rulation offers instant access to AI-powered legal data and precedents, including contracts, clauses and defined terms. With our advanced AI processes, we structure & categorize legal data making it easy to review and search. Rulation is a seamless addition to any legal toolkit, designed to enhance drafting, increase efficiency, and improve value-add. With features like advanced search capabilities, redline document comparisons and downloadable precedents, Rulation is perfect for lawyers, in-house counsel, and contract managers seeking a competitive edge.

Key Features:

- AI-enhanced legal data that categorizes and structures millions of clauses, contracts & defined terms.

- Perform detailed searches with advanced filters to easily find specific clauses, contracts, and legal precedents.

- Identify relevant clauses and review alternative language options to enhance your drafting process.

- Instantly generate redline comparisons to pinpoint language changes between documents.

- Download contracts and legal documents in PDF, Word, and HTML formats, with the option to export search results to Excel for easy reference.

- Bookmark documents, save searches, and collaborate with team members through shared links and highlighted content.

- Offers an admin console for user management, dedicated account advising, and team billing options, making it ideal for team collaboration.

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