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What is SEEKER?

SEEKER is a trustworthy AI tool that allows users to chat with their content. It provides fully transparent responses that are 100% source-verifiable. The tool allows users to drag and drop their documents, securely chat with thousands of files at once, and store data privately and locally. SEEKER also offers transparency and trust through highlighted citations and an interactive 3D visualization feature. 

Key Features:

1. Advanced Retrieval Engine: SEEKER's retrieval engine extracts information from PDFs, Word docs, and text files, allowing users to chat with their own files at scale. This feature is superior to industry alternatives and solves the challenge of keeping content up-to-date and actionable.

2. Secure and Confidential: Unlike other methods, SEEKER maintains user anonymity and confidentiality by sharing only fragments of files. The tool is 800-171 compliant, ensuring the highest level of security for user data.

3. Transparency and Trust: SEEKER provides three levels of highlighted citations to easily verify responses. It selects and presents the most informative passages and snippets from thousands of candidates. The tool also offers an interactive 3D visualization feature to further analyze concepts and relationships.

Use Cases:

1. Content Management: SEEKER is an ideal tool for content management, allowing users to quickly find relevant information, generate new content, and conduct analysis. It can be used by writers, researchers, and content creators to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

2. Cyber Security: SEEKER ensures cyber security by storing complete files locally and under user control. It parses, encrypts, and securely stores data snippets in the Azure Cloud, providing peace of mind for users concerned about data privacy.

3. Targeted Content Delivery: SEEKER facilitates targeted content delivery to various divisions, units, or departments within a company. It leverages specific content stores to cater to each team's specific requirements, improving collaboration and knowledge sharing.

SEEKER is a powerful AI tool that enables users to confidently chat with their content. With its advanced retrieval engine, secure and confidential features, and transparency and trust capabilities, SEEKER offers a comprehensive solution for content management, cyber security, and targeted content delivery. Whether you are a writer, researcher, or part of a team, SEEKER can greatly enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. Get started today and experience the benefits of this innovative AI tool.


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Updated Date: 2023-11-16
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