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Discover Sensay, the AI memory care platform that preserves precious memories, strengthens family bonds, and revolutionizes dementia care.0
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What is Sensay?

Sensay is an AI-powered memory care platform that empathetically assists individuals with dementia, preserving their precious memories and strengthening family bonds. With its advanced AI capabilities, Sensay revolutionizes dementia and Alzheimer's care by digitally replicating individuals' personalities and voices, creating a continuous thread of memory and identity, and providing comfort and recognition.

Key Features:

  1. Athena: 💬 Your Personal Storyteller - Chat with Athena to help Sensay learn your stories, personality, and talking style, enabling the creation of your personalized replica.

  2. Memory Preservation: 📸 Capturing Your Essence - Share your memories, big or small, through text or voice, and Athena turns them into a legacy of your unique journey.

  3. Tailored Care: 🤝 Understanding Your Needs - Athena's insights empower caregivers to offer care that resonates with your personality and preferences, enhancing the quality of caregiving.

Use Cases:

  • Johnathan, a husband, uses Sensay to preserve his wife's memories and laughter, finding comfort in knowing her essence will always be a part of their home.

  • Emily, a granddaughter, witnesses her grandma's moments of pure joy and recognition as she interacts with her Sensay replica, creating precious moments of connection.

  • Robert, a son, finds hope amidst his father's dementia journey, as Sensay's replication of his father's mannerisms and voice brings back clarity and happiness.


Sensay's mission is to preserve the richness of individual histories and memories, particularly for those affected by dementia. By digitally replicating familiar people, their voices, and images, Sensay creates a continuous thread of memory and identity, providing comfort, recognition, and a sense of continuity for individuals navigating memory loss. With over 100,000 patients on its waitlist and support for over 100 languages, Sensay is dedicated to revolutionizing dementia care and making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by memory loss.

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