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What is Skinive?

Skinive is an innovative AI-driven mobile app that serves as a virtual dermatologist, providing users with valuable insights about their skin's health. It encourages proactive skin health management through regular screenings, offers real-time camera assistance for skin evaluation, and provides a comprehensive 3D skin-map for accurate documentation.

Key Features:

  1. Regular Skinive Screening: The app encourages users to conduct effective and meaningful skin self-exams, empowering them to proactively manage their skin health.

  2. AI-based Real-Time Camera: Users can capture high-quality images of their skin, allowing for accurate evaluation and identification of skin problems.

  3. 3D Skin-Map: This feature enhances the speed and accuracy of documentation, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of their skin condition.

Use Cases:

  1. Home Use: Skinive facilitates at-home skin health tracking, enabling individuals to monitor their skin condition regularly and take necessary actions.

  2. Medical Professionals: Dermatologists and other medical professionals can utilize Skinive to improve diagnostic precision and practice efficiency.

  3. Third-Party Developers: Skinive provides an AI-powered dermatology technology for developers in the Digital Health and Beauty IT solutions space.


Skinive AI is an impressive tool that democratizes access to dermatological expertise. By leveraging AI technology, it enables users to conduct regular and effective skin self-exams, offers real-time camera assistance, and provides a comprehensive 3D skin-map for enhanced documentation. While the lack of transparency around pricing is a drawback, Skinive's unique approach to skin health tracking and diagnosis sets it apart in the AI healthcare industry.

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Updated Date: 2024-06-25
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