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Address your efficiency, accuracy, and expertise with Sonio. Our AI-powered software empowers all your prenatal ultrasound specialists for screening.0
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What is Sonio?

Sonio is an AI-powered software designed to transform the field of prenatal ultrasound examinations. It offers a comprehensive solution that enhances efficiency, accuracy, and expertise for ultrasound specialists. With its advanced features, Sonio is quickly becoming a trusted tool among Women’s Health teams worldwide.

Key Features:

  1. Remote Access and Sharing:Sonio allows professionals to access prenatal ultrasound images and clips remotely, anytime. This feature enables instant sharing with patients, enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction.

  2. Smart Checklist for Quality Assurance:The software ensures all necessary images are captured with a smart checklist. It also provides functionalities for labeling images, visualizing risk factors, and identifying corresponding sensitive planes, thereby reinforcing quality assurance.

  3. Enhanced Collaboration:Sonio streamlines the collaboration between ultrasound teams, including sonographers, clinical executives, and IT teams. This feature is particularly beneficial for health systems, private practices, academic medical centers, and community medical centers.

  4. Clinical Integration:The software integrates seamlessly with existing health systems, electronic medical records (EMR), and ultrasound machines from various manufacturers, ensuring vendor neutrality and easy adoption.

  5. Performance Improvement:Sonio has been shown to increase the quality accuracy by 19%, improve exam completeness, and enhance sonographer efficiency, leading to a 20% reduction in overall examination time.

Use Cases:

  • Health Systems:Improve clinical outcomes, operational efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

  • Private Practices:Deliver high-quality care and simplify administrative and IT tasks.

  • Academic Medical Centers/Public Hospitals:Foster innovation, collaboration, and excellence in ultrasound practice.

  • Community Medical Centers/Private Hospitals:Increase the quality, impact, and capacity of ultrasound care.

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