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Transcribe, summarize, and gain insights into your meetings and lectures with the Stenote AI voice recorder. Try it now and experience the power of accurate audio to text transcription in real-time.0
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What is Stenote?

Stenote offers an advanced AI Voice Recorder that not only captures audio but transforms it into text in real-time with over 90% accuracy, rivaling human comprehension levels. Beyond basic recording, it transcribes MP3 files, provides live audio transcription, and generates comprehensive summaries, speaker identifications, and timestamps.

Key Features:

  1. 🎤 AI Voice Recorder: Capture meetings and discussions in real-time with high accuracy.

  2. 📻 Audio Recorder: Record anything from casual conversations to formal meetings effortlessly.

  3. 📝 Transcribe Audio to Text: Seamlessly convert audio to text for easy review and analysis.

  4. 📼 Transcribe MP3 to Text: Efficiently transcribe MP3 files for archiving and documentation.

  5. ⏱️ Real-Time Capture and Transcription: Never miss a detail with live transcription as conversations unfold.

Use Cases:

  1. Business Meetings: Transform meetings with accurate transcriptions, speaker identifications, and AI summaries for enhanced clarity and actionable insights.

  2. Education: Focus on learning instead of note-taking with searchable transcripts and key notes, making lectures more accessible and review-friendly.

  3. Personal Use: Download transcriptions and summaries in various formats for convenient access, sharing, and archiving.


Stenote's AI Voice Recorder revolutionizes how we capture, analyze, and utilize audio content. From business meetings to educational lectures, it offers a seamless experience, ensuring valuable insights are never lost. Join the Stenote community today and streamline your audio recording and transcription needs effortlessly.


  1. How accurate is Stenote's transcription service?

    • Stenote achieves over 90% accuracy in transcribing audio to text, matching human levels of understanding.

  2. Can I customize the formatting of transcriptions?

    • Yes, Stenote allows users to download transcriptions in various formats, including PDF, MP3, JSON, SRT, or plain text, for flexibility and convenience.

  3. Does Stenote offer support for different languages?

    • Stenote supports multiple languages for transcription, catering to diverse user needs and global accessibility.

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