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SuperCoder is an Autonomous System that combines AI Native Dev platform & AI Agents to enable fully autonomous software development starting with python language & frameworks.0
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What is SuperCoder?

Unveiling SuperCoder 2.0, a groundbreaking AI-driven software development platform designed to revolutionize the coding landscape by automating the software creation process, starting with Python and its popular frameworks. SuperCoder's prowess lies in its ability to generate highly accurate Python code using Large Action Models (LAMs) and Large Language Models (LLMs) fine-tuned for Python, ensuring one-shot or few-shot code generation with exceptional precision.

Key Features:

  1. Autonomous Python Development: SuperCoder leverages AI to autonomously develop software, starting with Python, using frameworks like Flask and Django, enhancing code generation accuracy.

  2. Framework-Specific Workflows: The platform integrates specific guardrails for frameworks such as Flask and Django, ensuring high-quality software development while handling complex projects.

  3. Seamless Integration with Developer Stack: SuperCoder connects seamlessly with popular developer tools like Jira, Github, Gitlab, Jenkins, and QA solutions like BrowserStack/Selenium Clouds, streamlining the development process.

  4. Version Control and Issue Tracking Reimagined: The platform automates mundane development tasks, such as version control, pull requests, and issue tracking, allowing developers to focus on higher-level aspects of software development.

Use Cases:

  1. A Bay Area fintech startup used SuperCoder to build a Customer360 solution, achieving a 3x faster development timeline.

  2. A mid-sized pharmaceutical company utilized SuperCoder to develop a custom RAG software, resulting in $1.1M in cost savings.

  3. Enterprises can transform their software development lifecycle by leveraging SuperCoder's autonomous capabilities, enhancing productivity and reducing costs.


SuperCoder 2.0 is poised to redefine the software development paradigm by delivering complex, real-world software systems autonomously. With its ability to integrate with existing developer stacks and manage projects with precision, SuperCoder ensures developers can focus on innovation while the platform handles the coding. Join the autonomous software development revolution by requesting early access to SuperCoder 2.0 today.

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