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Trazable Copilot is the first virtual assistant for the food industry that will help you being more productive in the quality department.0
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What is Trazable Copilot?

Trazable Copilot is the first AI virtual assistant specifically designed for the food industry. It is a real-time communication tool that provides accurate assistance to quality departments in the food industry. The chatbot resolves queries, offers guidance, and provides up-to-date regulatory information, helping teams effectively comply with food legislation requirements. Trazable Copilot simplifies operational tasks, saves time, and provides 100% reliable information.

Key Features: 

1. Unlimited and free consultations: Trazable Copilot allows users to resolve any questions related to regulations in the food industry. It is educated with the latest IFS and European food regulations, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

2. Simplified operational tasks: The tool helps optimize daily routines by simplifying operational tasks. It can draft documentation such as HACCP, evaluation questionnaires, and procedures in seconds, saving time and effort for quality department professionals.

3. Reliable and specific answers: Trazable Copilot specializes in quality management, providing specific and accurate answers. It is designed to offer tailored assistance to professionals in the food industry, ensuring reliable information and guidance.

Use Cases: 

- Professionals in the food industry can use Trazable Copilot to consult on regulations, such as IFS and European regulations, ensuring compliance with food legislation requirements.

- The tool can be utilized to simplify operational tasks, such as drafting documentation, saving time and effort for quality department professionals.

- Trazable Copilot provides reliable and specific answers, making it a valuable resource for professionals in the food industry who require accurate information and guidance.

Trazable Copilot is a game-changer for the food industry, offering a specialized AI virtual assistant that simplifies daily work in the quality department. With its unlimited and free consultations, simplified operational tasks, and reliable answers, Trazable Copilot saves time, ensures compliance with regulations, and provides accurate information. Register now to experience the benefits of Trazable Copilot and make your day-to-day work easier in the food quality sector.

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