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Triple Whale lets you easily manage and automate analytics, attribution, merchandising, forecasting0
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What is Triple Whale?

Triple Whale is an AI data platform designed for ecommerce businesses. It offers a range of features that help users manage and automate analytics, attribution, merchandising, forecasting, and more. With Triple Whale, users can easily access and analyze key performance indicators from various marketing channels and ecommerce platforms in one dashboard. The software provides flexibility through drag-and-drop customization options and the ability to use unlimited historical data for growth analysis. Triple Whale also includes proprietary technology called Triple Pixel, which enables advanced analytics, attribution modeling, and actionable insights within the ecosystem.

Key Features:

1. One Dashboard to Rule Them All: Triple Whale allows users to blend, compare, and analyze key performance indicators from different marketing channels seamlessly integrated with their preferred ecommerce platform. Users can arrange sections and metrics tiles according to their needs using a simple drag-and-drop interface. They can also utilize unlimited historical data to gain insights into growth over time.

2. Future-Proof Marketing with Customization: In the cookieless world of platform advertising, Triple Whale helps businesses stay on the cutting edge by providing customizable features that adapt to changing marketing trends. Users can future-proof their strategies by leveraging the software's flexibility in arranging metrics tiles on the dashboard according to their preferences.

3. Strategic Customer and Product Analysis: With Triple Whale's customer analysis capabilities, businesses can understand valuable customer cohorts better for improved merchandising decisions. The software enables user retention analysis based on average time between orders while maximizing customer lifetime value. Additionally, it assists in identifying top-selling products or bundles for targeted promotions that drive repeat purchases.

Use Cases:

1. Streamlined Ad-Level Analytics: Ecommerce businesses can leverage Triple Whale's Creative Cockpit feature to gain deep insights into ad-level performance across different campaigns quickly at a glance. By analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) associated with individual creative assets such as images or videos used in ads campaigns across multiple platforms like Facebook Ads, businesses can identify winning creatives and optimize their advertising strategies accordingly.

2. Holistic Performance Monitoring: Triple Whale's comprehensive dashboard allows founders or owners of ecommerce businesses to access trustworthy data and view the overall performance of their marketing efforts in one place. This holistic view enables strategic decision-making based on accurate insights derived from first-party data.

3. Collaborative Growth Strategies: Triple Whale provides enterprise-level service with on-demand support, including technical assistance and troubleshooting for customizations specific to a business's needs. The software also facilitates strategic quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with ecommerce growth strategists, ensuring ongoing collaboration between the platform and its users.


Triple Whale is an AI data platform that empowers ecommerce businesses by providing better data for making informed decisions. With features like a customizable dashboard, advanced analytics capabilities through Triple Pixel technology, and customer/product analysis tools, it offers valuable insights into marketing performance, customer behavior, and product strategy. By using Triple Whale's intuitive interface and seamless integrations with various platforms, businesses can streamline their analytics processes while staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

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