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What is Trivia?

Ignite friendly rivalries while expanding your knowledge horizons with Trivia, the ultimate game of facts and entertainment! Challenge friends online or engage in local multiplayer matches, testing your expertise in diverse categories. Continuously updated with fresh questions, Trivia keeps the fun and learning endless.

Key Features: 📚 🌍 🎉

  1. Challenge Friends Online: 🤝

  • Connect with friends remotely and embark on trivia duels to determine who reigns supreme in the realm of knowledge.

  1. Local Multiplayer on One Device: 👥 🤝

  • Gather your family and friends around a single device, competing against each other in a lively trivia showdown.

  1. Wide Range of Categories: 💡 🗺️ 🧪

  • Dive into a vast pool of questions covering history, science, entertainment, and more, ensuring endless variety and learning opportunities.

Use Cases:

  1. Educational Entertainment: 🧑‍🎓 🤔

  • Transform family gatherings and game nights into enriching experiences, fostering a love for learning and igniting curiosity.

  1. Classroom Engagement: 👩‍🏫 🎓

  • Utilize Trivia as an interactive teaching tool, encouraging students to explore diverse subjects and promoting knowledge retention.

  1. Solo Knowledge Boost: 👤 📚

  • Embark on a solo trivia adventure, expanding your knowledge in various fields while enjoying a fun and engaging challenge.


Trivia strikes a perfect balance between entertainment and education, engaging players of all ages and skill levels. With its ever-growing question bank and captivating gameplay, Trivia promises countless hours of fun and learning, transforming trivia enthusiasts into true knowledge masters.

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