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What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is an AI writing detection solution designed to help educators maintain academic integrity and ensure original work from students. It offers innovative assessments, strategic insights, and flexible solutions that empower teachers to design and deliver student assessments with confidence. With Turnitin, educators can foster original thinking skills by providing high-quality feedback that seamlessly integrates into their existing workflows.

Key Features:

1. AI Writing Detection Technology: Turnitin's advanced AI technology can accurately distinguish between AI- and human-written text, making it highly reliable in detecting potential misconduct.

2. Integrated Workflow: The software seamlessly integrates into the educator's workflow, ensuring a smooth experience without disrupting their existing processes.

3. Upholding Academic Integrity: Turnitin helps uphold academic integrity by identifying instances of plagiarism or other forms of misconduct, allowing educators to address them effectively.

4. Innovative Assessments: Educators have the freedom to design and deliver assessments tailored to their needs while maintaining integrity throughout the process.

5. Actionable Feedback: Turnitin provides actionable feedback that supports students' original thinking skills development, helping them improve their work while preserving academic honesty.

Use Cases:

1. Online Assessment at University of Leeds: The University of Leeds successfully implemented Gradescope for online assessment across various disciplines within just two months, enabling thousands of faculty members to embrace digital transformation swiftly.

2. Culture of Academic Integrity at University of Maryland Global Campus: By prioritizing student and instructor needs while upholding rigorous standards of integrity, the University of Maryland Global Campus has built a culture where policy aligns with technology for effective learning outcomes.

Turnitin is a powerful tool that empowers educators to promote academic integrity among students while fostering original thinking skills through innovative assessments and actionable feedback. With its advanced AI writing detection technology integrated into existing workflows, Turnitin ensures a seamless experience for both teachers and students alike. Whether it's preventing plagiarism or encouraging critical thinking, Turnitin is dedicated to supporting educational institutions in maintaining the highest standards of integrity and excellence.

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