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Venice Music gives independent artists the access, strategy, and distribution technology they need to achieve real growth. Artists grow with Venice.0
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What is Venice Music?

Venice Music is an AI-powered platform that empowers independent artists by providing them with the tools and resources to succeed in the music industry. With features like music distribution, marketing guidance, collaboration opportunities, and feedback sessions from industry experts, Venice Music helps artists take control of their careers and maximize their earnings.

Key Features:

1. 🎵 Pitch your music for tv, film, and commercials: Get your music featured in popular media platforms by submitting it for sync opportunities.

2. 📈 Learn how to market your music from industry experts: Access educational resources and guidance from experienced professionals to enhance your marketing skills.

3. 💰 Maximize earnings with YouTube Content ID integration: Protect your content on YouTube and earn revenue through our seamless integration with YouTube's Content ID system.

4. 👥 Collaborate effortlessly with split payments: Easily manage collaborations by making split payments to collaborators without any additional fees.

5. 🗣️ Receive constructive feedback from top managers and producers: Participate in A&R feedback sessions where you can get valuable insights on improving your music.

Use Cases:

1. An aspiring artist wants to gain exposure for their music beyond streaming platforms. They use Venice Music's pitch submission feature to have their songs considered for placement in TV shows, films, or commercials.

2. A musician wants to learn effective marketing strategies but doesn't have access to industry expertise or resources. They join Venice Music's educational programs led by experienced professionals who provide insights into successful marketing techniques.

3. Two artists collaborate on a song but struggle with managing royalties between them. They utilize Venice Music's split payment feature that allows them to easily distribute earnings among collaborators without any additional fees.


Venice Music offers independent artists a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to help them thrive in the competitive music industry landscape. From distribution capabilities across multiple platforms worldwide to educational resources provided by seasoned professionals, Venice Music empowers artists to take control of their careers and maximize their earnings. Join Venice Music today and experience the efficiency and support that will elevate your music career.


1. Can I distribute my music on multiple platforms through Venice Music?

Yes, with Venice Music, you can distribute your music to over 200 countries across various streaming platforms.

2. How does YouTube Content ID integration work?

Venice Music's integration with YouTube's Content ID system allows you to protect your content on YouTube from unauthorized use and earn revenue from ads placed on videos containing your music.

3. Are there any additional fees for collaborating with other artists on Venice Music?

No, Venice Music enables effortless collaboration by allowing you to make split payments to collaborators without any extra charges.

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