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Remove unwanted background noise and extract crystal clear dialogue from any audio to make your next podcast, interview, or film sound like it was recorded in the studio.0
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What is Voice Isolator by ElevenLabs?

Voice Isolator, the advanced AI-powered solution that extracts crystal-clear speech from any audio source. Perfect for enhancing audio quality in post-production, it eliminates background noise, mic feedback, and other disturbances, delivering pristine vocal tracks for films, podcasts, and interviews. Experience the full Audio AI platform with a free trial, and explore the multitude of possibilities it offers.

Key Features:

  1. AI Voice Isolation:Quickly remove unwanted background noises and enhance audio quality with sophisticated algorithms designed to isolate and clean up vocals.

  2. Upload & Record Functionality:Conveniently upload audio files up to 500MB and 1 hour long, or record directly from your device to process in real-time.

  3. Free Trial and Subscription Model:Enjoy a free trial to test the capabilities, with affordable subscription plans that offer 1000 characters for every minute of audio processing.

  4. Text to Speech with 29 Languages:Access our AI voice generator in 29 languages, choosing from thousands of voices for versatile audio creation.

  5. Voice Cloning for Personalization:Automate voiceovers, ads, podcasts, and more, using your own voice, enhancing the authenticity of your content.

Use Cases:

  1. A film editor effortlessly removes street noise from a dialogue-heavy scene, significantly improving the movie's audio quality.

  2. A podcast producer cleans up audio from a live recording, eliminating audience noise and making the host's voice crystal clear.

  3. An online course creator removes ambient noise from instructional videos, ensuring the educational content is engaging and professional.


Voice Isolator is your go-to tool for professional audio editing, ensuring that your speech is crystal clear and your content stands out. Try our free trial and unlock the potential of our AI tools to take your audio projects to the next level. Elevate your workflow and start your free trial today!


  1. How much does Voice Isolator cost?

    • Voice Isolator is priced at 1000 characters for every minute of audio, offering a cost-effective solution for professional audio editing.

  2. Is there a maximum file size or length for uploads?

    • Yes, you can upload files up to 500MB and 1 hour in length, making it suitable for most audio editing needs.

  3. Does Voice Isolator work well with music vocals?

    • While it's not specifically optimized for music vocals, Voice Isolator can still be effective, depending on the content and desired outcome.

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